Sea Witch Altar

We kicked off the summer with an inspiring trip to my favorite East Coast beach.

Sea Witch

I decided to bring the spirit of the ocean back home with us by creating a ocean altar.  I am a water sign, so I took this an an opportunity to work with my element.  We’re in between Sabbats right now and it’s prime beach season, so it’s a nice time to work with the spirit of water.

Water Magick

I find sea altars very soothing.  They make a nice bedroom or bathroom altar all year round, but I assembled mine on my seasonal altar.

Sea Witch Altar

One of the easiest and most common ways to bring the spirit of the ocean into your sacred space is with a seashell collection.  I’ve been collecting sea shells from all over the world for years.  The pointy one here is from a beach in Costa Rica.  The locals called them “unicorn shells” because they look like the horn on a unicorn.  I thought that was really charming.

Element of Water Altar

Pearls also have rich symbolism in coastal cultures around the world.  They represent fertility, wisdom and femininity.

Elemental Altar for Water

You many remember my post earlier this year on witchballs.  I started collecting these during the Yule season, and have found them to be infinitely useful for projects later in the year.  This is a great way to preserve treasures collected on the beach.  In this one, I have sand, a tiny piece of driftwood, some dry seaweed (I think?) and shells.  I adorned it with a blue ribbon, which is the color of the element of water, and mermaid charm, which is, of course, a mythical creature of the ocean.  I hung this one over the guest bedroom earlier this year, and when we were forced to sleep there due to some remodeling, I swear I had the most beautiful dreams of the ocean.  I woke up to find myself staring up at it, and I quickly realized why!

Witch Ball for Element of Water

Another way to preserve your beach gems is in an altar box.  We’re going to talk more about making altar boxes in an upcoming post, but here’s a sneak peak.  This is  really neat idea, I just love how these came out.  You just fill the box with sand, shells, ect, and then cover it with an Apoxy resin, which dries and gives the appearance of water.  I like to leave some parts peaking over the “waterline” because I think it enhances the effect.

Element of Water in a Box

For more on sea witchery, check out this link.


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  1. I’m going to make the mini box altar for my sweet. He loves the beach here in Alaska. I will go and collect items from his favorite place and surprise him with it! Thank you very much for the idea 🙂 Blessings xo

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