Spell to Let Go of a Deceased Loved One

This is a really lovely ritual to help family and friends move past the death of a loved one.

I really love this idea and I wanted to share it with you all.

If you don’t have a coven, get some friends together, because this is really healing and beautiful and I promise, you’ll never forget it.  Or, perform the ritual as a solitary.

Note: Live butterflies can be found here:

You’ll need:
*live butterflies
*picture of your loved one
*cardboard or wooden box
*blue Paint
*as many blue candles as you can gather
*cauldron or fire-safe bowl
*charcoal disk
*cinnamon (for healing and strengthened spirituality)
*lavender (for peace)

Timing: Saturday, about an hour before sunset during the waning moon.

Do this after an appropriate period of mourning.

Two days after the funeral is not a good idea. People just aren’t ready.

Wait at least a month, or even on the first anniversary of their death, if they died during the warmer months.

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