6 Simple Ways to Celebrate Ostara


1.  Wake up early and toast the sunrise.  Ostara is about light!  How rare it is in our busy lives we get a chance to appreciate the simple beauty of a sunrise.  Pour yourself some orange juice or a mimosa, take a tray outside and honor the life-giving morning light.

2.  Have breakfast for dinner.  In honor of the returning sun, make a morning meal at night to drive away the winter darkness.  Eggs have special symbolism for Ostara, so a plate of omelets is a perfect addition your table.

3.  Take a walk.  Bring back some early spring flowers, moss or bird feathers for your altar.

4.  Clean the house!!  Really clean it.  Do all the things you put off.  Clean out drawers, cabinets and dusty corners.  Open the windows, sage, and let your living space air out winter.  Be sure to finish off your ritual cleaning with a round of smudging to cast off an residual negative vibes.

5.  Bless seeds for planting.  Gather seeds you plan to plant when the ground thaws, and bless them for good fortune,

6.  Set up your Ostara/Spring Altar.  Turning over your altar for the seasons is among the most conscious ways to “turn the wheel of the year” and stay in tune with the seasons.  Fresh baby grass, decorated eggs, and bulb flowers are all traditional Ostara symbols for the Spring altar.

For more ideas, check out my Ostara section.

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