Witchy Wreath DIY

Witchy Wreath DIY

Love how this super simple wreath project turned out!!

To Make One of Your Own, You’ll Need:

-fabric or Styrofoam black bird.
-foam wreath base
-a hook or 10″ of black ribbon
-1/4 yard bold black-and-white fabric
-black branches or other embellishments
-black twine or fine black roap

I found the bird at the dollar store, but you can find something similar at any craft store during Halloween/Samhain.

1. Secure the fabric first. Cut into strips and wind around the base of the wreath.

2. Next, secure the bird by the feet so it looks like it’s “perching.” Wind the black twine or rope around the feet and the base of the wreath until it’s firmly in place.

3. Arrange the branches to one side for an asymmetrical look.

4. Attach the hook or a loop of black ribbon to the back from which to hang the wreath.

Voila! You’re done!

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