Ostara 2014

Just wanted to share a glimpse of our Ostara festivities for 2014 and maybe give you some ideas for next year!

I love how this fresh spring centerpiece turned out! You can do this with any random container. You just start it a couple weeks in advance with grass seed and potting soil.


These little napkin ties were so easy. I just got these glitter eggs from the dollar store, glued them together and then tied off the napkins with twine.



We went for a walk in the local park to enjoy some of the new wildflowers emerging.  It was a nice way to get calm and centered before guests arrived.


Brownie crumble plus mint sprigs in seedling pots for dessert. .This can be done with any brownie recipe.  Just break it up in a bowl and then use it like soil to “plant” the mint.


Fill nests from the craft store with chocolate eggs for a charming touch.


Fresh fruit is a must!!


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