10 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

10 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Goddes

1. Take a belly dance class. If you’ve never experienced the sensual, spiritual tradition of belly dance, it’s time to try it! Belly dance is a body-positive activity that even those new to dance can enjoy.

2. Visit a hot spring. The ancient Romans believed mineral springs had the power to heal, renew and cleanse the soul. You will emerge refreshed and with a renewed sense of inner beauty.

3. Book a boudoir session. Oh, why not? Seek out a reputable photographer with whom you are comfortable, pick out something glamorous to wear, and indulge in the power and beauty of your femininity.

4. Go swimming under a full moon. Go night swimming under a full moon. But pick a natural body of water like a river, a secluded beach or a lake. Take in the wonder of the moon in her fullest glory. If you’re really daring and you know a place you can get away with it, skinny dipping earns you bonus points.

5. Experiment with Karma Sutra. The tradition of Karma Sutra is an ancient practice with deep roots in Hinduism and Indian spirituality. Being a lover is an art form, and you are an artist.

6. Give birth to something. Whether it’s a Pinterest craft you’ve always wanted to make, or that novel you’ve never gotten around to writing, creating something new is the essence of a goddess.

7. Build a goddess altar. Pick up a statue of a goddess (Gaia, Aphrodite, and Diana are all popular choices) and create a small space in your home dedicated to the protection and cultivation of your inner feminine spirituality.

8. Make things grow. The magic, power and wonder of taking something from seed to fruit bearing plant is an amazing thing that every inner goddess should experience.

9. Volunteer. You are at your most beautiful and powerful when you use your talents and abilities in the service of others. Nothing will make you feel more spiritual or at peace with yourself. Choose a cause you care about, and give it your all.

10. Celebrate the Summer Solstice like a goddess. Don’t miss out on one of the most amazing pagan holidays this year. Make plans to go to a festival and do it up right. Wear flowers in your hair, find a long, flowing skirt, anoint yourself with rose oil and dance around the bonfires like it’s your last night on Earth.

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