Pagan Summer Bucket List

I find that setting spiritual goals is as important as setting more mundane or worldly ones.

That’s why this summer, I am creating a bucket list to make the most of this the golden season of natural living.

Follow along with me.   I will be reviewing each of my experiences, and maybe inspire you to do some of them yourself!

1.  Experience the healing of a Roman Bath house.

2.  Go on a vision quest camping trip for Litha.

3.  Bake bread from scratch for Lammas.

4.  Design and create a ritual for every full moon until the Harvest Festivals.

5.  Grow at least three new magical herbs in my garden.

6.  Do a floating candle ritual.

7.  Hold at least one bonfire ritual.

8.  Go stargazing.

9.  Create a new kitchen witch recipe using ingredients only from the farmer’s market.

10. Go cherry picking and can them in brandy to give away at Yule.

11.  Go ghost hunting.



  1. I recently found your blog and since then have been reading everything. Litha is comming up soon so I can’t wait to see of you do your vision quest camping trip. I’m tempted to try it myself ☺

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