Summer Beauty Spell

Summer Beauty Spell

You will need:

*1 glass jar
*1 avocado
*handful dried lavender
*1 pastel purple candle
*piece of paper or parchment
*access to a living rose bush

Timing: Full Moon, or Summer Solstice

1. Gather your spell ingredients, and find a quiet place outside under the full moon.

2. On the piece of paper, write out the qualities of your inner beauty. Patience, compassion, kindness, or seeing the best in others are all good choices.

3. Place the paper, avocado, and dried lavender in the glass jar.

4. Light the candle.

5. Chant:
“Where all the rivers of my soul converge
“Under the full moon may they emerge”
Don’t stop until you feel slightly light-headed.

6. Bury the jar near the roots of a rose bush.

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