Coconut Love Spell

Coconut Love Spell

For those of you headed to the beach this summer, here is a my own variation on a traditional love spell by request

You will need:

*1 whole coconut
*1 piece of pink or red ribbon
*1 stick of cinnamon incense
*handful of dried rose petals
*a few drops of jasmine oil
*piece of ginger root
* lock of your own hair
*1 piece of biodegradable paper (parchment is nice)

1. On the night of the full moon, light the incense and while it is burning, write the qualities you’d like to have in a new lover.
2. Crack open the coconut.
3. Fill it with rose petals, your hair, the parchment, the ginger root and the oil.
4. Tie the halves back together with the ribbon.
5. Take your coconut to the beach. If you can safely wade into the water a little, do it, otherwise, simple chant the following verse and toss it into the water with your whole heart:
“Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Sea
“Take this offering
“And in return
“Bring my lover to me”

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