Wishing Well Money Spell

It’s been a while since I worked with the waxing moon.  I’m trying to get my new website up and moving, so it was the perfect time to whip up this lovely success spell, but you can use it for job hunting or financial luck or whatever you want.

wishing well money spell


I started with a waxing moon.  A waxing moon is the traditional time to work with spells that involve drawing things into your life (as opposed to banishing or elimination).


I used a green candle to symbolize abundance and new growth.

Carve whatever symbols in the candle you like according to your preferences and tradition.

To charge the candle, I surround it with shiny pennies (I took the trouble to get freshly minted ones from the bank while I was there.)


I also used a money-drawing oil to anoint it.


I then did a simple blessing with a smudge stick.  Sage was perfect for financial wisdom and whatnot.


This is my favorite part.  I created a “wishing well” in my kitchen sink.  Filling a bowl with water just high enough that the candle base was submerged, and then the sink with water just high enough that the base of the bowl was submerged, I dropped each penny one by one into the wishing well.  For each one, I made a simple wish for my business:

“I wish for happy, satisfied customers.”
“I wish for creative inspiration.”
“I wish for steady orders.”

Insert your own as needed.


For extra measure, I threw in some Abundance Casting Herb.


I was comfortable letting the candle burn all night surrounded by water, but you have to make your own safety decisions.  If you’d rather not, simply extinguish the candle when you’re finished and bury the remaining wax.  Enjoy!

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  1. Something I want to try. So I saved this one in my archives. You have some good info. And I am always looking for new ideas and spells to further my life long love of knowledge! Thanks! 🙂

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