Sea Witch & Water Magick

This past weekend, we were off to Chincoteague, my favorite beach in the North East.  It’s quiet, peaceful, unspoiled, and best of all, a colony of beautiful wild horses roam the island freely.

I decided to take the opportunity to work with the Element of Water.   If you’re planning a beach vacation this coming Labor Day weekend, it’s a great chance to try your hand at sea magick.


One easy spell method for beach casting is to simply write your wish in the sand, and let the waves carry it off into the sea.


Alternatively, can write an incantation on the inside of a seashell and cast it off into the ocean.

While you’re at it, take some time to connect to the animals and wildlife.  I found this tiny little crab on a night walk with my husband.  I call him Herb.   😉

When you have a close encounter with a wild creature, it’s a nice time to work with their associations.  The crab is associated with self-protection, abundance, emotional sensitivity and “side-stepping” obstacles.  Say a simple blessing or make a wish suited to his charms and send him on his way.


Here’s a lovely shot of a seagull hovering over this little boy.  She probably just wants whatever bait is on the end of his line, but when I saw this image, it made me think of his spirit guide or totem animal watching over him.


You may remember this bottle from a money spell I posted a few weeks ago.  I decided to use it to collect ocean water.  I like charging ocean water with colorful bottles for later use at home.  I chose green in this case instead of blue because it more closely mimics the color of the Atlantic Ocean water it contains.  The mermaid charm symbolizes the mystical power of wild water.  This will be great for goddess magick later in the year, and anything related to the element of water, including love spells, emotional healing, purification and elemental rituals.



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      1. I now live in Sydney, Australia. I used to live near the Surf Coast of Victoria, south of Melbourne. The moon rose over the water at one of my favourite beaches down there, perfectly looking east. Le sigh…memories!

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