Pagan Pride 2014

After three weeks of painting, prepping, glue-gunning, mixing, blessing and designing, I am pleased to report that my booth at Pagan Pride Day was a spectacular success, thanks in no small part to the helpful efforts of my family and friends.

All the eccentric, interesting characters one might expect to find at such an event came out to play.


I had so much fun designing my set up.  My husband was kind enough to have this sign printed.  Several people remarked that “Moody Moons” was a cool name for a pagan shop.  I love this positive feedback, especially because of the irony.  The name was chosen a year ago completely spontaneously and I hate to break it to you, it was chosen with very little thought.  Mostly I was trying to find a dot com name that had not yet been taken.


The ultra-supportive, super amazing (and, you may be interested to know, completely non-pagan)  husband also made up these t-shirts, and even sported one himself on the day of the event.


I was surprised by what sold, and what didn’t.

My most popular attraction was my Tarot readings, something I did not expect at all.  In fact, it was a last minute addition to do them.  I was expecting to mostly sell merchandise.  But I ended up doing about 15 readings, which is awesome.


In terms of merchandise, my best seller was the flying ointment.


However, I didn’t sell any Harvest Festival Incense, which I thought would be what I sold out of.


I have to give props to this vendor with the dolls.  Apparently, she goes around from thrift store to thrift store looking for dolls, and then reworks them to make them super creepy looking.  How clever.




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