Samhain Altar 2014

It’s “our” time of year!

I like to get my Samhain altar rolled out at the beginning of the month and generally leave it there until after Thanksgiving.

I am here to show you that you can create a gorgeous Samhain altar without spending a ton of money.  Most of these items came from the dollar store.


Here’s a good example.  I printed a demask pattern and used it with a rectangle of black construction paper as a matte for the 31, then framed it from a cheap frame I picked up at Dollar Tree.  I really like the challenge of using dollar store stuff for crafts and making things out of it that don’t look like they came from dollar store.


The pedestal and pumpkin/apple display is also a Dollar Tree project.  I got candlesticks and spray-painted them black to display the glittery apple and pumpkin, also from the dollar store.  Apples and pumpkins are, of course, iconic symbols of the Samhain festival.  I love the glitter versions.  They add a touch of sparkle.  The candlesticks also help vary the height of the display and make it more visually appealing.


I am 100% guilty of the “put a bird on it” syndrome.  But these little ravens are soooo  cute, you can put them on anything and they are, once again, available at the dollar store during the fall season.  Ravens are symbolic of what ties this world with the next, a very important feature of the Samhain season, when Wiccans believe that the “veil between worlds” thins and communication with the Other Side is easiest.


I’m all about doing these “fusion” style altars.  Like most neopagans, I have interests in a wide array of traditions, and one of my favorites is the Egyptian pantheon.  I wanted to blend this pantheon with the Wiccan traditions, so next to the standard goddess statue, I put this statue of Anubis.  Anubis is associated with his role in death and mummification, making him a very appropriate symbol for the Samhain season.  I got him on a trip to Cairo with my husband and I display him every year with this in mind.

Incorporating items with significance to both the holiday and your personal experiences is a great way to use what you have and make the display more uniquely you.   The pentacle was my very first DIY pagan project from years and years ago and is a standard on my altar all year long.


As a nod to this Egyptian theme, I also included this beautiful altar cloth given to me by a friend many years ago.  The gold onks match beautifully with the base gold fabric underneath it.


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  1. I really like this altar! (Just one thing: I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but I think the Egyptian God or Netjer you’re referring to here is actually Anubis, not Horus.) I too enjoy combining Egyptian stuff with European stuff, especially at Samhain time. I also like the color scheme you have used here. Thanks for sharing this, and Merry Samhain!

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