‘Tis the Season to Make Witch Balls

Witch balls are an Old World pagan tradition.  Hang them in windows, over beds to ward off nightmares, in the garden to bless new growth, in kitchen to welcome good spirits or over doorways to protect the entrance.  The glass of the balls is believed to deflect negative energy.

I filled mine with all-natural ingredients like rose (for a loving home) and cinnamon sticks (for protection).  I even picked fresh green moss from the garden and preserved it using a new method I just learned.  I think it came out cute!

IMG_2876 IMG_2888

Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own, or if you’re not so crafty, I’ll be happy to make one for you!

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    1. I’m having the same problem. I bought a bunch of them about a year or two ago. I’m coming close to being sold out of them, and now I can’t find them either. Originally, I believe I bought them on Amazon or Ebay. I even tried looking them up by the skew # with no luck. Strange that they literally don’t seem to be selling them anywhere in the world now. If you find them, let me know, and I’ll do the same!

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      1. Appreciated! I use to make “Housewarming brooms” out of them and I think I have about a dozen left give or take. Frustrating! Was thinking of finding a way to make my own in the size I need, but not sure that would work. We shall have to wait and see. 🙂


  1. I was thinking about the tiny broomsticks. Have you tried looking on a site for doll house making? Many of these things are made for are 1 inch equals 1 foot scale. It’s worth a try.


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