Full Moon Dream Spell

This month, during the Wolf Moon, my spiritual focus has been on dreams, intuition, and inner reflection, themes that have long been associated with the cold air months on the Wheel of the Year.  While the warmer seasons are about outward relationships, life outside the home and outdoor adventures, the winter months promote a more introspection and deeply personal mood.  As we retreat indoors to the quiet warmth of home, it is a perfect time to delve into the world of dream magic.

This full moon, I decided to do a dream box spell.  I love this kind of folk magic for personal discovery and spiritual expression.


Of course, your own working altar is a reflection of you.  Personally, I like to work with color a lot in spell work.  I chose this soft lavender color because it is traditionally associated with dream work, but also because I think it’s a soothing color conducive to relaxation and insight.


I always put a lavender bundle on the altar during spell work.  This one is from my summer garden.  So far, this is the first year I’ve had my own lavender supply last so long!  I’m hoping for an even bigger yield next summer.


The foundation of a dream box spell is, of course, a box.  I recommend taking some time to carefully select one or decorate it yourself.  You can write dream symbols in it, or adorn it with flowers and charms.  I chose this one for its beautiful, intricate embossed pattern.


You can adapt a dream spell for many purposes.  Perhaps you are working on the art of lucid dreaming.  Maybe you’d like to dream about a loved one who has passed.  Whatever your purposes. an easy way to make your intention clear is to write it down, roll it up, and throw it in the box.  I threw in a piece of amethyst and a handful of dried, loose lavender.  What you choose to include is up to you.  A few drops of essential oil, a photograph, a tarot card or whatever has meaning for you.  I like this spell because it is so customizable depending on your needs.


I smudged the box using a floral smudge stick.  You can make your own, or to save time, there are some available here.


I like to use the full moon energy by leaving spell boxes open by a window overnight to charge under the light of the moon.

Then, simply place under your bed and start paying attention to your dreams!! This is an excellent time to start a dream journal.  I promise, you will discover so much about yourself.  You’ll be surprised by all the reoccurring themes and the meaning they have to your inner life.

I like to unwind after this kind of spell work with some kind of aromatherapy.  A few drops of lavender will do in a pinch, but I like to use my own dream salve.  You can make some yourself, or there is some available here.


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