Ostara Celebration Ideas: Eggshell Candles and Offering Nests

During the Ostara season, I always end up with an abundance of eggshells, so I wanted to try doing something with them besides tossing them in the garden for fertilizer.

This is a great project to do with crafty older children and teens.


You can vary this project any way you want to.  You might chose to leave the shell natural—it can look lovely that way.  Or you chose another method of decorating.  Because this project doesn’t need to be food-safe, you can use all kinds of methods to decorate the shell, so be creative.  Spray adhesive plus glitter, spray paint or natural dying are all nice choices, but I decided on acrylic paint in this grape color that I just love.  I didn’t really want it to be a perfect, solid coat, so I let some of the natural coloring show through.



We’re going to make some single-serving candles that burn just long enough for an Ostara ritual.  I saw a method like this using seashells, so I decided to give a try with eggs.

First, I lined a frying pan with foil.  Maybe I’m paranoid, but you never know what kind of coating is on those tea candles, or how it reacts to heat, so I like to put a barrier between anything that isn’t food safe and my cooking stuff.

Then I turned the stove on medium-low and waited for the wax to melt.


This probably goes without saying, but the candles are HOT so use pliers or clamps to remove the wicks and place them in the eggshells.



It’s optional, but if you want, now is a nice time to add some essential oils.  Because the wax level is so low, even a few drops will cast a high scent throw.  Personally, I like calming florals like roman chamomile for Ostara.


Once your finished, what you do with them is up to you!  You can use them in a centerpiece, in your Ostara ritual, or do what I did, and include them in these little offering nests.


For more ideas, check out my Ostara section.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I just used about 5 eggs last night for cooking, so I wish I had seen this earlier. But, maybe my daughter and I can do some baking and come up with a few more. Also, what kind of nest are you using (store-bought or homemade) and can you post maybe some more information on the items you chose for the nest? Thank you for this!!

    1. Hi there!

      The nest is store bought, but I would love to post something on how to make one from scratch. That’s a great project for this time of year.

      I lined the nest with some moss from my backyard, a sprig of dried baby’s breath from an old bridesmaid bouquet and some dried rose buds.

      Glad you enjoyed it!!

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