Celebrate Beltane: Goddess Bath Ritual

Famous for its associations with love, attraction, and the alluring power of feminine charm, Beltane is the perfect time for beauty and glamor spells.  (To see last year’s, click here.)

Ritual baths are a powerful way to cleanse the spirit and draw out inner beauty.  The following simple ritual bath is a lovely way to celebrate Beltane and draw out your inner beauty.

I started by creating a bath altar.  This awesome little bath tray was very useful, and I liked being able to actually have it directly over the water, but feel free to use the counter or other flat surface.

A bouquet of fresh flowers and candles is quite symbolic of the holiday, and of feminine grace.

Bath Altar

I like to think of a ritual bath as a giant cauldron, and I blend my “brew” accordingly.  First, I always start by adding a generous handful of sea salt for cleansing.

Sea Salt for Cleansing the Soul

I know some people just love to put herbs directly in the bathtub, and if that’s you, go for it!  Personally, I don’t like having the mess to clean up afterwards, so I use this tiny tea filter.

Beauty Spell for Beltane

In this case, I used dried rosemary from the garden.

Using a Tea Strainer for Herbal Bath

I also included some Spring/Summer Festival oil, available here for drawing out “allure,” or what some people call je ne sais quoi.

Ritual Bath Oil

I’d like to expound on this point a little and mention that I think this is what glamor spells are really good for.  Much like other forms of magic, the results are rarely literal in the way you see on television or movies.  Often, we find that spell craft effects our lives in subtle ways we have trouble articulating.

Everyone  has known a woman who, though she is perhaps conventionally an unremarkable beauty in the physical sense, seems to have this captivating magnetism, a mysterious attractiveness that makes her seemingly irresistible.

That’s what you’re going for here.

Finally, feel free to say an incantation or other blessing over the water.

Relax and enjoy!

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