Celebrate Beltane: A weekend of rejuvenation for the mind and body.

Still looking for a way to celebrate Beltane?  How about a little getaway?

Last weekend, we made our annual spring trip to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Famous for its hot springs, which have long been believed to have healing powers and health benefits, it’s the perfect place to seek spiritual retreat.


But before we basked in the wonders of pure mountain water, we hit the local metaphysical store, Portals.  I always like to check out any local herbalism shops, occult shops or pagan/Wiccan stores when I’m traveling.


There are actually three shops in this space.  I love that the owners have cooperated to create such a wonderful, convenient experience for the spiritually-minded seeker.

If you’ve never played with one of these, next time you’re in a metaphysical shop, try it!  It’s called a singing bowl.  If you take the striker and slide it at a steady pace along the edge, it makes this beautiful, otherworldly sound that’s awesome for meditating.


Sage Moon. is a great little herb shop tucked in the back of Portals.  This one often stocks harder to find herbs like mugwort, dragon’s blood and high john.


I always pick up a bottle of something unique for cakes and ale from Wilkes Street Wine Shop.  My absolute favorite a sparkling grapefruit wine called Avive, which I’ve yet to find anywhere else.  It’s super refreshing, especially for summer rituals.


Speaking of wine, although we’ve probably been to Berkeley Springs five or six times in the last two years, we’d never made the 20 mile drive to Knob Hall Winery, so I was super excited to go tasting there this time.  For thousands of years, the healing properties of moderate wine consumption have been recognized.  Also . . . wine.


Our pourer was super nice, and I walked away with an excellent bottle of red.


I have no idea what’s up with the suit of armour, but it looked cool up close.

Just so you guys know, I have no affiliation with any of the above businesses, I’m just sharing with you because I love them and hope to inspire you to create your own spiritual getaway soon!


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