Early Herb Harvest

The garden is already fully abundant with herbs, and I’ve begun the drying process, which will continue all season.

Lavender production has nearly doubled from last year.  I’m hoping to have enough to last until next year.

Lavender Drying

My roses are going crazy!

Climbing Roses

These little beauties will make lovely additions to love spells and sachets.

Drying Tea Roses

I spent an afternoon this week making my floral smudge sticks, which are super popular with friends and family.

Floral Smudge Wands

I let one of my sage plants go to flower this year.  I’ve never let them flower before.  The blossoms are so pretty.  They make for a lovely, simple bouquet.

Purple Sage Flower
Happy gardening!

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    1. In these, the base is cedar, but rosemary also works really well. I haven’t had much luck with regular garden sage (as opposed to the white sage they use in typical smudge sticks).

      I’ve never had any luck growing mugwort. I tried for a couple of years in a row to no avail. What’s your secret? 🙂


  1. I live in North Carolina and mugwort grows like a weed here. Cedar sounds like a lovely base. I never thought of using rosemary either. Would love to see you post a “how to” on making smudge sticks. I’m new to all of this. By the way, your photos are gorgeous!

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