Kitchen Witch at the Farmer's Market

Kitchen Witch at the Farmer's Market

Now that the farmer’s market season is in full swing, I wanted to go over some common items that can be used in kitchen witch spells and rituals.  Let’s talk about food magic.

Cherry and Strawberry Preserves.  There’s nothing like finding a good-quality jar of local preserves.  Cherry and strawberry preserves are classic ingredients in love spells.  Include them in a dessert for a romantic dinner.  Or, try this recipe for Esbat Cookies.

Witchcraft with Cherry Jam

Speaking of love spells, strawberries make a great addition to a food-based love spell.  Bless them for marital bliss or passion, dip them in chocolate and share with your partner.   Or, use them as an offering in a love altar like this one.

Strawberry Love Spell

Sugar Snap Peas.  Ever heard the saying “like peas in a pod”?  Sugar snap peas make a great base for friendship spells.  Bless them for bonding and togetherness and serve cooked or raw.  Great for coven meetings or family gatherings.

Snow Peas

Lettuce.  An early spring crop, lettuce springs up as a first sign that winter is truly over.  Lettuce symbolizes hope and the return of the light.   Use in spells to lift spirits and drive out darkness.

Using Lettuce in Rituals

Carrots.  This delicious, sweet root vegetable begins its season early in the spring and continues into early summer.  Carrots symbolize deeper meaning and undiscovered gifts.  Use them in creativity spells or to uncover hidden issues.

Fresh Carrots and Wicca

Other items to pick up at the farmer’s market for your magickal cabinet:

Artisan soaps.  Most farmer’s markets have at least one soap maker.  Pick up a fancy bar for your cleansing rituals.
-Flower bouquets.  Usually local and cheap.  Makes a nice addition to spring and summer altars.
-Wine.  Great for filling the full moon chalice.
-Honey.  Prized in ancient societies from Greek to Egypt, honey has a rich history of spiritual symbolism that stretches back thousands of years.  Sometimes called the “nectar of the gods,” honey has long been appreciated for its healing properties, energy-giving sweetness and delightful, decadent flavor.  Use it in sun magic, to “sweeten” bitter temperaments,  and to heal old or fresh wounds of the heart.

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