Celebrate Litha: A Trip to the Lavender Fields

I thought it might be nice to complete our herb and wildflower theme this week by sharing with you our trip to the lavender farm.

Litha at the Lavender Fields

Those of you who have been around for a while know I’m a big fan of taking advantage of local farms. Earlier this year, I went with some friends to pick tulips for Beltane, and last year, we did sunflowers for Lammas.

It’s a wonderful way to stay connected to your community, learn about local plant species, pay homage to the cycling of the seasons and support independent farmers.

Summer Solstice

That said, I have a confession:  I did not actually need any lavender.

I have three of my own lavender plants, which are all thriving and should yield more than enough lavender for the coming year.

Litha Lavender

But it’s pretty hard to have too much of the stuff.  And the good folks at the flower farms are always full of helpful tips for cultivating beautiful flowers.  Not only do they know their specialty plants, they know specifically which varieties grow best in your region, what pests to watch out for and can answer your questions with the experience and knowledge of people who’ve been doing it professionally for years. Besides, the scenery alone was worth the drive.

Midsummer Outing

Plus, the gift shop was a tremendous inspiration for lavender crafting.  Who this lovely little plant was so versatile?  Check out some ideas for how to get the most of your bundles.  Lavender goes way beyond sachets for the drawer!

-Candle makers can make a simple, elegant, lightly scented pillar by adding handful of lavender petals to a white pillar.

-Lavender is edible.  There are loads of recipes for cookies, cakes and icing that include lavender.

-Make smudge sticks from lavender.  No, seriously, they smell amazing, and you can keep them all year.

-Lavender can be brewed into tea.  Have it by itself, or mix it with chamomile and mint for a light, dreaming blend.

Add lavender to a muslin bag and drop it in your bathwater for a soothing bedtime ritual. Enjoy!

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