Power Raising with Firecrackers

If you’re in the US, firecracker stands dot every scenic highway this time of year.

Driving past one of them, I had an idea:  why not use them in a ritual?

With 12 (or 13!) Esbats a year, thinking of unique ways to raise power creates novelty and excitement.

Here are some fun ways to include fireworks in the upcoming full moon ritual.

Wiccan Spells with Firecrackers

*Please note:  Never forget you are dealing with explosives, which are extremely dangerous.   Please take all necessary precautions, and try these at your own risk!

Sparklers:  This a great way to include the kids!  Give one to each of them and tell them to “draw” a wish in the air.  Encourage them to be energetic or twirl in circles.

Smoke Bombs:  Choose a color that has meaning for your ritual.  Light the smoke bomb and place it in a large, firesafe cauldron in the center of the circle.  Just make sure it’s a big circle!

Snakes:  Use in rituals that feature serpent energies.

Poppers:  Write your intention in sidewalk chalk on the concrete and set them off on top of your incantation.

I can think of some more super fun ways to use explosives, but I don’t anyone to blow off a finger!  Be safe!

Power Raising in Witchcraft

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