Blue Moon Wishing Spell

Another blue moon.  A rare event, and a unique opportunity for the practicing witch.


For the uninitiated: because the lunar cycle is 28 days, and most calendar months are either 30 days or 31 days, sometimes, there is a second moon in the same calendar month.

This second moon is called a Blue Moon.

For the spell worker, a second moon is sometimes called The Wishing Moon.   It is the ideal time to focus your energy on a loftier goal.

This month, we are presented with just such an opportunity.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to harness this power, you’ve come to right place.  Today, I’m going to show you a simple wishing spell that is easily adjustable to your specifications.

blue moon

You Will Need

*A bottle. of bubbles  Yes, that’s right.  The same ones children blow about on a summer day.  Any variety will do.  You can even make your own.

*A gemstone that corresponds to your particular wish.  There are lots of websites to help you find one if you don’t know what works, but some of the common ones include:

-Rose Quartz:  love, friendship, healing

-Amethyst:  prophetic dreams, heightened spiritual awareness

-Jade:  financial and job related goals

-Tiger’s eye: protection

-Blue Lace Agate:  inner peace and calm

-Malachite:  success, the “traveler’s stone”

-Orange Calcite:  happiness, emotional well-being

-Clear Quartz: all purpose

*A candle in a color that corresponds to your wish.  Again, there are many resources to help you figure out what color magic is all about, but here are some basics.  And remember, the best color is ultimately the one that seems right to you.

-Red:  love, passion, confidence

-Yellow:  creativity, happiness, joy

-Orange: energy, motivation, spontaneity

-Green:  career, finance, “earthy” goals, fertility

-Blue:  peace, quiet, calm

-Purple:  Spiritual gifts and talents, insight, introspection, self-awareness.  See this link for some in-depth ideas for the color purple in witchcraft.

-Black: protection, banishing

-White:  purity, soul cleansing

-Lavender: beauty, glamour, enchantment

-Silver: feminine mysteries

-Gold: masculine mysteries

-A chant, poem or piece of writing that expresses your intention.  If you’re not big on writing and you can’t find anything appropriate, just sum up your wish in one word, then say it over and over.  The important thing is that it’s simple enough for you to memorize completely.

Blue Moon Wishing Spell

Basic Procedure (adjust to your preferences)
1.  Go outside.  Find a quiet space where you will be comfortable and remain undisturbed and have a seat.

2.  Drop the gemstone in the bottle of bubbles.  Shake it gently, then place it in front of you.

3.  Light the candle, and stare at the flame.  Remain focused.  Don’t look away.  Remember when I told you to memorize your chant?  This is why.

4.   Chant your chant.  Say it over and over until you fall into a kind of hypnotic rhythm.  When you feel “mesmerized,” take the bubbles, and walk in a full circle around your candle nine times, blowing the bubbles outward as you go.

5.  When you have completed your 9th turn of the circle, stand in the center and say, “As I will it, so shall it be.”

Hope you enjoyed this spell outline.  Have fun this Blue Moon and make the most of it!.

For more full moon ritual ideas, check out this link.

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  1. What if your candle blows out? I did a spell years ago that required a lit candle outdoors, and despite it being in a covered holder, it still kept blowing out, resulting in giggles from us (there were three of us). The spell still worked, just not quite in the exact way it was supposed to!


    1. You’re right. Candles blow out even in a very light wind.

      Hurricane holders are useful, or you can simply drop in into a short glass jar and that should do the trick./ 🙂


      1. Being in Britain, we don’t tend to have hurricane holders 😉 However, I did have the candle in a, well, a lamp I think it was (it was about ten years ago now) and it still blew out. Several times! The spell did still work, just not exactly how it was supposed to – it was to find a missing cat. We got plenty of cats turning up, and people calling us to ask if the one in their garden was ours (for months!), and eventually a cat moved in; same sex, colour, age, even neutered. Just that he belonged to someone else… They eventually gave him to us 🙂 We never found out what happened to the original missing cat. So it worked, sort of, despite the candle!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Do you take the gemstone out of the bubbles and place it in front of you? You do you leave it in and place the bubbles in front of you? Also, do you blow the candle out after you are done or do you let it burn throughout the night?


    1. Personally, I like to let the candle burn down, but of course use common sense to determine whether that’s a safe option.

      Yes, personally, I leave the gemstone in the bottle until I’m done.


      1. can i use the gemstone and make it to a bracelet or necklace after everything is done? or should i just leave it inside the bubble bottle and keep it inside my closet or drawer etc. ? thanks a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

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