10 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Don’t skip Imbolc this year!  You have time to plan something cool.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

10 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

1.  Make your own candles.  It is, after all, Candlemas.  Every witch ought to know the basics of candle making.  The primary advantages include being able to customize spell and ritual candles by color and the inclusion of specific herbs or oils.  Spirit Crafts even carries some amazing molds especially for pagans.  I like to make enough for the whole year during the month of January so I can bless them all by Imbolc.

2.  Visit a hot spring or Roman bathhouse.  By now, we are all weary of the cold.  Our joints and muscles have taken a beating from the winter weather.  If you’re lucky enough to live near a natural hot spring (or willing to make the journey to find one!), Imbolc is the perfect time to luxuriate in the healing waters of a steaming pool.

3.   Make your own snow cream.  If you live in a remote area with low levels of pollution, find a recipe to make ice cream out of the snow.  I have fond memories of my own grandmother doing this for me when I was little.  It’s a great way to bring the elements indoors.

4.  Order seeds for the garden.  Now is the traditional time to bless the seeds for the coming planting season.  But I am so not that organized, so I usually use this holiday as an excuse to go online and pick out seeds for the garden instead.

5.  Sleep by the fireplace.  Have a little slumber party with the kids in front of the fireplace.  This is a nice way to “bring back the light” and look forward to the warmer months.

6.  Do something to honor Brigid.  Honestly, I’m not big on the corn doll.  I know, I know.  It’s like, essential or whatever.  But the husks make a mess and I never know what to do with the damn thing once the holiday is over.  There are other ways to recognize this tradition.  Consider building a fire and leaving an offering of food on the fireplace mantel overnight instead.

7.  Make your own wand.  As the trees are still barren, it is easy to gather the wood for a wand.  Willow and apple wood make especially nice choices, but use your own best judgement.  Go for a walk in the woods and look for a strange or unique branch that speaks to you.  I have found the hardened woods of trees that are growing into and around each other particularly beautiful.

8.  Make a poppy seed cake.  The poppy seed cake nicely symbolizes the emphasis on the coming planting season.  Bless the cake for abundance and the fruition of projects you are currently working on.

9.  Take a hot yoga class.  Again, Imbolc is a great time to sooth the body after a winter of aches, pains and (if you’re me) falling on the ice.  Hot yoga is a modern take on the concept of “warming up” or “lighting up” your life for this holiday.  There’s nothing like the contrast of warmth to remind us of the impending warmer months ahead.

10.  Go ice skating!  Preferably at an outdoor rink.  Enjoy this last chance to indulge in the beauty and magic of the winter season—it will be gone sooner than you think!


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