10 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

10 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

Still looking for ways to celebrate Beltane?  Here’s some ideas to help you design the perfect day.

1.  Get busy.  

Let’s just get it out of the way.  We all know what this holiday is really about.  We may as well just call it Pagan Boink Fest 2019.  Be creative and adventurous.  A lot of people enjoy the outdoor setting.  I recommend a secluded area.  There’s no need to get arrested.  But you wouldn’t be the first couple, so whatever moves your groove.

2.  Get stupid drunk on a spring wine of your choice.

Rieslings, dandelion wines and floral blends are all popular choices.

Go ahead.  Kill the bottle.  Kill two.  I think we’ve established this is a day of indulgence.

(For more ideas on using wine for the Sabbats, check out Pairing Wine with Ritual.)

3.  Create an epic May Pole.  

If you’re the artist in your coven, use your gifts to make a gorgeous May Pole.

It’s the ultimate holiday gift.  I’ve seen some really beautiful ones.  Make it amazing and it will be the center focal point of the party.

Or, if you want to keep it simple, try making these adorable mini May Poles in three simple steps.

4.  Build an enormous fire.  

Whether or not you actually jump over it ought to depend on how much dandelion wine you’ve had.

The wrong ratios here can go very wrong.

5.  Cast a love spell.  

There is no better time of year for pushing your romantic situation in a better direction.

Get started by trying your hand at a love spell.

6.  Decorate your altar in honor of a love goddess.  

Aphrodite is my go-to choice, but there are lots of them.  Here’s an example love and passion altar to get you inspired.

7.  Cast a fertility spell.   

Both Ostara and Beltane are nice timing for fertility rites if you’re planning on conceiving soon.

8.  Have a red and white themed potluck.  

The colors red and white have strong association with Beltane.  Why not throw a pot luck where all the guests bring something edible that is either red or white?  Let everyone get creative to come up with different ideas.

To start, try making this Beltane Cherry Bourbon Strudel.

9.  Make flower crowns.  

This is fun for a coven or if you have little girls in the family.  Everyone can pick their own wildflowers or perhaps you can make a trip to your local flower farm.

10.  Have a ritual bath.  

If you’re a solitary, a ritual bath nice way to celebrate Beltane in a private way.  Fill the tub with flowers, herbs and skin-nourishing oils.



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    BELTANE: Celebrate love and togetherness – eat, drink and be merry!! I love these suggestions, simple and adaptable to celebrate the magic and energy of Spring. Enjoy!!

  2. Little boys might also enjoy making wearing flower crowns. Self adornment is for anyone and everyone. 🙂

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