Ode to the Sea Witch

Every trip to the ocean, a new revelation unfolds.

My love for the power and majesty of this watery wilderness swells annually.

sea witch inspiration

The seagull as a totem animal represents someone with an innate ability to work social circumstances to her advantages.  If you have a “squawky” singing voice, enjoy a crowded home life and are an excellent communicator, the seagull may have some lessons for you.

a seagull

Whatever coasts I find myself standing on, in whatever part of the world, I always bring a piece of the ocean home with me . . .

starfish and driftwood

sea shells and candles

Incense in a glass bottle with sand.

incense in bottle of sand 2

An altar to the sea is a beautiful way to honor the time between Litha and Lammas, when the power and beauty of water dominate.

sea witch


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