Using the Magic of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft

Find out how to use the magic of your eye color in witchcraft.  What color lens do you see the world through?  Your eyes, and the subtle colors in them, say as much about you as the lines in your palms or your birth sign.  Why not connect with this “window to your soul” and design a spell or ritual specifically to harness their power?

Your Eye Color in Witchcraft

eye color in witchcraft

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The Subtleties of Eye Color in Witchcraft

Although we tend to categorize eye color in absolute terms (blue, brown, green) eye color actually comprises many subtle hues.  Perhaps yours appear gray in low light, but deeply blue in bright light.  Or maybe your brown eyes contain tiny gold flecks that make them appear more honey-colored in the sun.

Because your eyes reflect your own unique soul, no sweeping generalization applies.

However, the list below uses broad strokes to give you an idea of your eye “aura” and how to use your eye color in witchcraft and consciously in your magical practice.

Dark Brown Eyes

Key WordsDivination, protection magic, contemplation, secrets, dark moon.

What Your Eyes Say About YouYour eyes conceal your true thoughts well.  Exuding a mysterious energy that sometimes makes others feel unsettled, you tend to look through people, rather than at them.   You dislike small talk and superficial conversations.  Sometimes, this means being alone, but when you make a connection with someone, it’s a real connection.

How to Harness the Power of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft:  Consider experimenting with divination during the dark moon.  Your keen insight and natural spiritual courage makes you more willing than others to “see” things that trigger denial or fear in others.  Uniquely able to confront your demons leaves you at a great advantage–growth springs from a willingness to understand and appreciate where we need to improve.  Your unflinching eyes burn right through to the truth about who you are.  For better or worse, you always know where you stand.

Light Brown Eyes

Key WordsWarmth, authenticity, sociable, selfless.

What Your Eyes Say About YouThe warmth of your eyes draws others to you like a smoldering fire under a cold moon.  You enjoy the company of others and the feeling of being included in a large family–whether or not it’s the one you were born to.

How to Harness the Power of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft:  Try a simple flame meditation.  Sit in front of a candle of your choosing.  The scent or color may correspond to your intent, or it may be a pure, white, unscented candle.  Light the candle and stare at the flame for about 30 seconds.  Close your eyes and watch the “flame” imprinted on your vision.

What do you see?

Here are some favorite candles for simple flame meditation.

Deep Green Eyes

Key WordsBlending in, chameleon, growth, new life, emerging.

What Your Eyes Say About YouLucky you!  Among the rarest eye colors in the world, bright green eyes signify the early spring of a young soul.  The world constantly renews itself before your freshly colored irises.  You enjoy new experiences and a constantly rotating set of interests.  You possess a keen ability to blend in with your surroundings and a highly adaptable constitution.

How to Harness the Power of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft: Because you tend to absorb everything, you often wear out your Third Eye with all that you take in.  Refresh your psychic “sight” with this simple ritual:  On the night of the full moon, leave chamomile tea bags in the moonlight overnight.  Take a ritual bath and place the tea bags over your beautiful green eyes.  Relax and allow your psychic vision (your ability to see the unseen) recharge.  Then, face the world with a fresh perspective!

Light Blue Eyes

Key WordsHealing, compassion, connection, soothing aura.

What Your Eyes Say About YouYour eyes see through the shields others erect in defense of what hurts them.  With a knack for peering past others personas and into the most tender parts of their hearts.  You instinctively know how to both heal and to open those wounds.

If you’re being honest, you’ve probably done both.  It’s okay.  You’re human, just like the rest of us.  Others see themselves reflected in you.  Make them feel beautiful!

How to Harness the Power of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft: Try this simple meditation spell for healing a close relationship after an argument.  Sit down, face to face, with a person you feel comfortable with and loved by.  Set a timer for 20 minutes.  Take that person’s hands, and look deeply into his or her eyes for the entire 20 minutes.  If one of you looks away, start over (obviously, blinking is okay).  At the end of the 20 minutes, write down on two sheets of paper what you saw in each other’s eyes.  Bury the sheets of paper near the roots of a strong tree and promise to try to see things from the other person’s viewpoint more often.

Dark Blue Eyes

Key WordsWisdom, knowing, flow, hidden treasures.

What Your Eyes Say About YouYour eyes betray a hidden store of knowledge not often revealed to those around you.  You like to keep your cards close to the vest, and tend to trust only those closest to you.  You often lead multiple lives and tend to compartmentalize the people in them, perhaps because you know they would find understanding each other difficult.

How to Harness the Power of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft:  On the night of the full moon, fill a heat-safe glass bottle with 100% pure, organic olive oil. Then, fill a heat safe bowl with hot water.  Add blooming flower tea to the water. Take both outside under the moonlight.  Submerge the base of the bottle of olive oil in it a few inches, so that it stands up on its own and doesn’t float.  Meditate on the flowers opening under the moonlight and imagine your eyes are blooming open with them.  Taking care not to mix the water with the oil, anoint your eyelids with the 100% organic olive oil and bless yourself for “open sight.”

Tools for “Open Sight” ritual.


Gray Eyes

Key WordsStormy weather, drastic, visionary, complicated.

What Your Eyes Say About YouBorn with the eyes of a thundercloud, your quiet sky sometimes threatens to break into hurricane-force winds.  The underlying energy moves swiftly, changing the landscape of your soul with a single crack of thunder.  Simultaneously unpredictable and set in your ways, you’re brimming with untapped adventure.

How to Harness the Power of Your Eye Color in Witchcraft: Soak up all that powerful energy and use it!  Lay on the floor or in a bed on your back.  Place two small pieces of clear quartz  on both eyes and meditate, gathering the strength of your wildest impulses.  Imagine shooting all that power out of both eyes.  Use these super-charged stones in your spell work or leave them on the altar to maximize your intentions.

Also, take a look at our post 10 Ways To Use Clear Quartz in Wicca” for more ideas.



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  1. What does it mean if you eye color changes due to how you feel in a environment. Depends on where I am my eyes go between dark brown to light brown and sometimes hazel

    1. I think this is a common thing a lot of people seem to experience. I would just take a look at the list and see which one seems to fit you the most.

    1. Use the spell for the color that has the attributes you want to work with. That’s really cool because you can experiment with them all

  2. What is it when your eye colour changes .
    Mine are light blue ..
    Dependent on mood .. change to green …
    And it isnt due to the light of the day or room

  3. I have all the colors in my eyes. They were sapphire blue until puberty, but my doctor said I had underdeveloped pigments. As I get older, they change even still. My license says hazel, but they really are all the colors at one time. Does this mean I shift depending on my season in life?

  4. This was really interesting! I’ll have to do some research into hazel eyes – mine are golden around the pupil, then green, and surrounded by a rim of dark blue. I wonder what that all means!

  5. I am blessed with changing colors as well as heterochromia. I simply use the color i am at the time to focus on corresponding issues. It used to be extremely rare, but I feel evolution is changing this, and possible more indigo children as well. My son has honey good eyes like I’ve never seen on anyone else. They just glow. Whatever you are blessed with, look inside and pray, the goddess will find a way to show you how to use the gifts you are given. Blessed be all !

  6. My eyes are legally hazel however depending on my moods not sun/moon/weather they change from hazel to grey.. rarely blue. I know when they are grey anything can happen good and bad..

  7. Mine have blue and hazel so go through all of the blues and several shades of green depending on the mood. Where do I go with that?
    My grams used to say that I had mood stone eyes and natures hair because that changes colour with the seasons.

  8. Depending on what I’m wearing my eyes change from brown to green. I also noticed that it also depends on the time of the day and year. In the summer, daytime, they are brown, at night and in the fall and winter they’re green. If I’m in the dark for a long period of time, they turn light green.

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