Practicing Witchcraft in College or University: A Crash Course

Whether you practiced witchcraft in high school as a teen or you’re interested in trying it for the first time while away at college, a magical practice at university poses some unique challenges. 

Check out the article below for a few creative ideas to make your college experience magical.

(Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  You’re welcome to read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s disclosure page. Spoiler alert:  It’s pretty boring.)

Find your fam.

Many universities offer some kind of pagan student association.

Find yours and at least attend one meeting.

It’s a great way to meet other pagan students, discover local occult shops and maybe even find a coven.

If your campus doesn’t have a pagan-specific group, consider starting one yourself or find the closest Unitarian Universalist Church (which welcomes pagans and witches).

Consider coming out of the broom closet.

If you practiced witchcraft in secrecy during high school, college is a great time to go public.

You’re on your own now (mostly) and you get to make your own decisions about your spirituality.

University campuses (even most conservative ones) generally welcome religious diversity, so it’s a great chance to test the waters of public pagan life.

Deck out your dorm room.

Consider your magical practices when decorating your dorm room. Try any of these ideas:

-Gemstones look pretty hanging in the window.  Choose stones like clear quartz to deflect negativity or malachite for success.

-Create a sacred space.  It could be a tray underneath your bed with essential oils or herbs, a section of shelf space or even a drawer that pulls open to reveal your spell craft tools.

-Use color magic.  Try purple sheets on the bed to promote deeply insightful dreaming, red ones for romance or blue to sooth nerves after a stressful study session.

Bring a smoke-free smudge alternative.

Most college campuses have rules against open flames in the dorms.

I broke that rule . . . a lot.  Which is only the beginning of why my RA hated me.

So I recommend trying a smoke-free alternative.

Mix 20 drops of sage essential oil in one tablespoon of olive oil.  Anoint your windows and doors with the mixture whenever the vibes in your dorm room seem off.

Celebrate your holidays.

If you follow the Wheel of the Year, college offers the first true opportunity to make your holidays your own.

Cook a big meal for your sorority sisters on Mabon, throw a Samhain party or make big spring break plans to live it up for Ostara.

Find a natural retreat.

If you’re going away to a new place for school, ask around about where to find some natural space.

A pretty look out, secluded waterfall or woodsy trail all work well.

Go at least once a month during the full moon to reconnect with nature and stay in tune with the seasons.

Emphasize natural living.

Eating naturally and seasonal in school is tough, but it’s possible!

Skip heavy cafeteria food and stick with fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible.

Try wearing natural fabrics, look into how to recycle on campus and consider joining an environmental advocacy group.

Stand up for religious minorities.

Traditionally, college is a time to get involved politics or take up a cause you believe in.

Go out of your way to stand up for those facing religious discrimination (no matter their faith) and be open to standing up for your own.

Call ignorance out when you hear it, and don’t hesitate to speak out.

Find your voice and use it.


Service to others should be a cornerstone of any spiritual practice.

As a newly-minted adult, it’s time to consider the ways in which you will be of service to your community.

University life typically offers a lot of opportunity to volunteer formally.

Choose something with meaning to you and your life.  Consider ways in which you feel called to give.

Perhaps you watched a family member walk through cancer, or you cared for a beloved family pet at home.

Maybe you come from a family of first-generation immigrants.

Finding ways to help others get through things that impacted your life furthers the healing process exponentially and helps turn a negative experience into a positive contribution to the world you live in.


Lots of college courses are relevant to paganism, including biology, psychology, ancient mythology and comparative religion courses.

Consider using one of your electives to further your higher education and your magical practice.


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