Are You a Natural Witch?

Are you a natural witch! Here are 7-signs you've got an innate talent for the Craft.

Are you a natural witch?  Check out these 7 signs of a born magical practitioner.

What is a natural witch?

The concept of the “natural witch” stems from a notion that while some people discover witchcraft, some people practice magic before they even know what they’re doing.

The former type tends to “find” the Craft after some kind of life-altering epiphany.  This often happens later in life or after leaving another spiritual tradition.

But the latter type tends to slip into the rhythms and habits of a witch in early childhood or adolescence, and may only (if ever) realize that their habits are those of a natural witch.

Don’t get too caught up in the label.  Being a “natural witch” isn’t any better or worse than being a “discoverer.”

But knowing which definition best applies to you helps clarify your relationship with the Craft, and offers insight into the trajectory of your spiritual path.

Here are 7 signs you might be a natural witch.

When you talk to nature, nature talks back.

Rather than standing outside the natural world and looking in, you integrate yourself with the rhythms of the animals and plants around you.

Maybe you know when a storm is coming just by reading the ocean tides, or have a knack for calling birds in a flawless vocal pitch.

Whatever your talent, if you developed it at a young age and it never quite left you, you likely possess the aptitude of a natural witch.

Your dreams play an important role in your waking life.

Most of us remember at least some profound dreams in our lives that touched us on a spiritual level.

But you always seemed to take your dream life more seriously than those around you.

Sometimes, you find it hard to shake that feeling of a nightmare even well into your morning.

Or, you tend to connect insights from your dream life with the more concrete realities of waking experiences.

The healing arts come easily to you.

Especially if you took them up in traditional medicine.

Perhaps you memorized all your grandmother’s natural home remedies.

Or maybe you spent years studying the finer points of acupressure, ayurvedic medicine or healing massage therapy.

If you know and love healing others with natural or traditional methods, you likely have a little natural witch in you.

You understand the power of will—-yours, and others.

The idea of manifesting your will comes not as a controversial proposition, but as second nature.

You know intuitively that imagining something into existence is not only possible, it is the foundation of invention.

Likewise, you recognize the power of will in others, and know how to align yours with theirs to advance a common cause or interest.

You experienced “supernatural” or paranormal phenomena in early childhood.

Whether or not the adults in your life took you seriously, you definitely remember communicating with spirits as a child.

Older people around you may have chalked these experiences up to “imaginary friends” or other childhood curiosities.

But even in your later years, you recognize something happened there.

These memories may even inspire you to become involved with paranormal investigations or take an interest in spiritualism.

However you choose to process them, they left a lasting impression on you.

Developing a special relationship with animals always seemed easy.

Even unusual ones, or animals that scare most people.

Maybe you insisted on carrying spiders out of the house instead of killing them when you were little.

Or perhaps others marvel at your ability to calm even the most restless rescue dogs.

Kevin Richardson, aka “The Lion Whisperer,” is a stunning example of this curious anomaly.

If animals, both wild and domestic, gravitate towards you in unusual ways, you likely carry the torch of a natural witch.

You spend more time in front of nature than in front of a screen.

In the 21st century, the very idea of spending more time outside than in front of a screen seems revolutionary.

But people with a natural inclination to the magical arts very often design their lives to accommodate a love of nature.

Maybe you work 6 months out of the year as a commercial fisherman, or you took a job as a park ranger.

Do you show these 7 signs of a natural witch?


  1. I have always been drawn to the craft ever since I can remember. My love of animals has led me to picking up abandoned cats left out in the cold, or thrown out in the gutter to die. As a child, I would bring home strays and nurse them back to health. I have even owned a timberwolf years ago. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger. I was told my great grandmother on my mother’s side was what they called a white witch, a healer who used herbs. My mother also used herbs to heal pluse modern medicine. She wanted to be a doctor in a time where there was no such thing as a women doctor. My mother had dreams that would come true. I also have this but can also tell what someone did by tapping into their actions. When I was little, I could astral project and leave my body while I was sleeping and walk around the house without being seen. While I love all animals, I have a affinity for wolves. I have owned malamutes in the past and I could and still do pick up on their moods. I knew exactly how my female felt when she would look at me. We communicated through thought projection. I was told by someone when I was little that I was very powerful. I also could move objects with out touching them. Whenever someone was sick in my family and even today, I know what medicines and herbs to use. Another odd thing about me is l know I have lived before. I am drawn to alchemy and I was once told by a psychic that I myself held very powerful psychic abilities. I am also drawn to cats and can read their thoughts. A couple of months ago, I told my brother that I kept dreaming of big cats and in my dream I was being followed by Bengal tigers, my brother said this was my spirit guide. So, I don’t know if any of this means I am a witch or not, but would like to know.k

  2. I believe you already know the answer to this, what you are looking for is confirmation. So be confirmed and go do good with your gifts 🙂

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