How to Make Heat Activated Spell Sachets

Get cozy with this unique, creative, winter-friendly take on the traditional spell sachet or “mojo bag.”

This heat-activated spell idea upcycles your scrap fabric, herbs and leftover essential oils for a custom magickal spell charm that’s sure to warm your heart.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of hot tea and start witch crafting!

winter witchcrafting.jpg

The idea for heated spell sachets came to me during one of my deep dives into the creative abyss of my Pinterest feed.

Stuffing stockings became a favorite Yule tradition of mine from the very first year I took home a real paycheck and finally got to give gifts of my own.

So I took an immediate interest in the trend du jour for DIY stocking stuffers this year—DIY hand warmers.

You essentially make basic sachets, stuff them with microwave-safe natural filler (like rice or flaxseed) and heat them up to warm your hands/pockets when you venture out in the cold.  Cute, right?

Then it occurred to me, what a great basis for a spell sachet!

Today, I’ll show you how to create your own “heat-activated” customized spell sachet step-by-step, including plenty of ideas on how to infuse your sachet with intentional energy and carry it out into the world with you!

You will need:

*scrap fabric (see selection ideas below)
*needle & thread
*filler (rice, buckwheat, flaxseed, ect)
*appropriate essential oils (more on this below) and/or
*appropriate herbs (more on this below)

Step 1:  Decide on your intention.

Of course, the first step to any spell involves the basic presumption that you have something you want to accomplish.  Do you want to carry your spell sachet to calm stage fright, assist with a court case, attract love or help you dream peacefully?

Your intention informs the remaining steps, so have a clear goal in mind before you begin.

Step 2:  Select a fabric.

To begin with, not all fabrics are microwave safe.  Choose a natural fabric, like 100% cotton, hemp or linen to avoid a messy meltdown in your microwave oven.

Beyond that, fabric offers an excellent opportunity to choose something that fits with your intention.  Choose a color (like red for love, or blue for healing) that suites the goal.

Alternatively, use the pattern itself to convey your meaning.  For example,  I chose the foxes below to symbolize a “courageous heart” and give a friend a much-needed confidence boost during a job hunt.

totem animal mojo bag

Cherry prints work for love and attraction.

heat activated mojo bags

Perhaps use a dollar sign print for financial success or maybe pick something printed with images of your spirit animal for an empowerment sachet.

You get the idea.  Use your creative ingenuity to pick something uniquely you.

Step 3:  Choose a Pattern or Shape.

Similarly, make a simple pattern out of sturdy card stock or even an old cereal box and draw/cut out a shape that conveys meaning.  Shapes get less attention in modern witchcraft than colors and numbers, but briefly:

Circles:  Healing, friendship, cycles

Squares:  Emotional stability, protection, financial success, balance

Hearts:  Love, friendship, attraction, family matters

Triangles:  Triple goddess, pyramid magick, moon magick

Pentagon or Star:  All-purpose (symbolizes the pentacle)

heat activated spell sachets

Trace your pattern on the fabric and cut it out.

Step 4:  Pick a stitch.

Don’t worry!  If you’re new to sewing (or if you’ve never sewed) this project is an easy one to begin with.  This article touches on some basic hand stitches for beginners.

Personally, I like the whip stitch because it creates a spiral, which has meaning to me in my practice.

I strongly recommend hand stitching your sachet rather than using a machine.  The concentration lends power to your intentions.  You can even repeat a chant with every stitch or simply allow your mind to fall into the meditative trance of the repeated motion.

Step 5:  Pick a filler.

The Pinterest rumor insists that flaxseed makes the most cost effective and heat-retaining option, but I had good luck with plain old jasmine rice.

One blogger apparently went to great lengths to experiment with various microwave-friendly fillings for hand warmers and goes into pretty deep detail, complete with charts, in this article.

Step 6:  Select Essential Oils & Herbs–BE CAREFUL!

Include a few drops of essential oil or a pinch of herbs to kick your magick into high gear usually poses little risk, however:  some herbs flare in the microwave no matter what, too much of any herb definitely will and essential oils may as well.

Go light with the herbs and oils, and only microwave in 20-30 second intervals, especially in the beginning.  Watch your sachet carefully until you know what works.

Once you fill your sachet and stitch it up, it’s time to use it!

Heating it up before you use it—whether for a big job interview or simply to sooth your mind during meditation—-makes a lovely, heartwarming way to “activate” the energy you used to create it.

Wear your sachet on the inside of a coat close to your heart, in your pockets or gloves, or anywhere it will “warm up” your soul and create positive energy in your life.

Blessed Be!


How to Write Your Own Magick Spells

Like most practitioners, you probably started out looking for spells in books and online.

But at some point, you hit a roadblock.  You need to get something done energetically, yet no spell that quite fits your problem seems to exist.

Now’s the time to ask yourself . . . why haven’t you considered writing your own?

how to write your own witchcraft spells

Please note:  Lots of ways to approaches to spell writing are out there.  I encourage you to explore them all!  The following formula is just one of many devised to help you think creatively about spell design.

Begin by identifying the problem.  It’s much easier (and some say, more ethical) to change yourself than to change those around you.  So consider what about your attitudes, beliefs, thinking or behavior could be influenced with energy work to solve your problem.

For example, if you hate your boss, rather than fantasizing about turning him into a toad (not possible, sorry!), perhaps you want to design a courage spell or job hunting spell to encourage the universe to open new doors for you.

Pick appropriate timing.  Most people with even a little experience in the Craft know the following traditional moon phases and how to work with them.  I’ll gloss over them briefly, but lots of articles already exist about this if you want more in-depth information (see links for mine).

Then we’ll talk about some more creative, out-of-the-box ideas.

Full MoonPretty much anything that requires maximum power.  But not everything does.  Also, for spells that go for multiple days, try timing them to culminate during the full moon.

Waning MoonUse to drive things away from you.  Weight loss, debt reduction, elimination, exorcism, endings, transitions.

Waxing Moon:  Use to draw things towards you.  Prosperity,  fertility, attraction spells, creative inspiration, beauty or glamour spells.

Dark MoonProtection, divination, binding, meditation or trance states.

Now, let’s talk about some ideas not often considered, but equally interesting.

Your Birthday:  Wishing Spells.

Valentine’s or Lupercalia:  Love & attraction spells.

Mother’s Day:  Fertility spells.

Labor Day:  Work or career spells.

You get the idea.  Use the collective power of association around special dates to fuel your spell.

Decide whether or not you will use tools.  Some people never use tools.  I certainly echo the sentiment that you need not use them if you prefer.   Particularly for newer practitioners, I encourage you to never feel like you must use them.

But personally, I love tools.  Then open all kinds of creative possibilities.  I enjoy making my own especially.

The most common tools are the chalice, pentacle, athame and wand.  If you find these terms unfamiliar, simply search the many, many resources available online or in your library to get to know them better.

Many other tempting options crowd the displays of new age and pagan shops, including stones, cauldrons, jewelry, candles, and essential oils.

But nothing says your tools need come from a specialty shop.  Check out this article for some ideas on items available at the dollar store.

Even better, get creative with things around your house.

Or, use your mundane crafting skills to your magickal advantage.  Perhaps you weave or embroider—imagine how much energy you store in your creations with all the work you put into them.

Leave tools out of your spell work or include them to your delight—-your choice!

Choose herbs, flowers and/or fruit (optional).  Again, you don’t have to use them, but getting to know herbs for their magical and medicinal properties behooves any practitioner, whether you use them or not.

And if you’re writing a spell from scratch, they’re an easy place to start.

Literally thousands of herbs line the shelves of grocery stores, occult shops and herbal medicine boutiques around the country.  All of them contain useful energy just waiting to be released!

Below, I included links to creative ideas for using some of the more accessible ones.   (I include fruit as well, which contains high concentrations of essential oils).  Your local grocer likely carries most of them for culinary use.  Or, depending on the season and your region, you may be able to find some of them growing wild for free!


Pick a color scheme (optional).  I love using color in spells!  It creates a vibe and makes the altar beautiful.  Choose candles, altar cloths, flowers and stones in an appropriate color for your spell.  Below, I listed a few common associations.

Red:  Love, passion, courage.

Orange:  Creativity, justice, intellect, freedom from dependency.

Yellow/Gold:  Wealth, happiness, joy, dispel depression, brighten mood after grieving, divine masculine, sun magick.

Blue:  Honesty, humility, restraint, weight loss, self-control, friendship, marital peace, soften hurt feelings, soothe frayed nerves, calm domestic tensions.

Green:  Money matters, job hunting, healing, growth.

Purple:  Communication with spirits, intuition, dream magic, divination, psychic awareness.

White:  Purification, innocence, magic for children, all-purpose.

Black:  Protection, grounding, reversals, banishing, hide from danger.

Silver:  Moon energy, divine feminine, beauty spells, grace, elegance.

Decide on a power raising technique.  Power raising generates a build up of energy to fuel your spell and propel it forward.  As with all other elements of your work, use your imagination to come up with something creative.

Chanting:  This timeless approach leaves much room for customization.  It doesn’t need to rhyme, but something rhythmic helps to fall into the “trance” state you want to achieve.  One effective technique involves beginning your chant in a whisper and building to a shout.  This can be very moving in a group setting especially.

Dance:  If you’ve never considered the spiritual side of dance, try using it to raise power!

Drumming:  The earliest human societies used drumming to induce trance or connect with spirits.  The ancient power of this technique stirs even the stillest souls.

Visualization:  Those with a steady meditation practice tend to find this technique especially appealing and effective.  If you focus well, try visualizing a build up of waves crashing over you.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, there’s an infinite array of others.  Looking for a little excitement?  Try using firecrackers to raise power.

Lay out your basic procedure.  Or not.  Some people really like to use a lot of spontaneity in their ritual practice.

I think a general idea of how you plan to proceed still helps, even if you go way off script during the actual spell work.

At the very least, make a list of the items you need, if anything.  Don’t forget practical items, like a lighter for candles (I always forget that one!)

Prepare for your work.  Many people like to take a ritual bath, clean the ritual space and spend some time gathering their spell elements.  However you like to do this, make sure you walk into your ritual feeling cleansed and of sound mind.

Go to town.   Actually do your thing.  Showing up is 90% of it.  Do what you planned.  Once you’re done, try to step away and forget about it.

You may feel an immediate shift in energy.  It may take some patience.  Either way, I find it’s best to “put it on the shelf” mentally and wait.

Very often, something happens and it takes you a while to connect it.  But when it clicks, it clicks.

Finally, step back and evaluate.  If you feel things worked out well, great!

If not, take heart.  Try to think about where things went astray.

Or perhaps recognize that while the better outcome wasn’t what you wanted, it was still for the best.

Blessed be.

10 Ways to Use Apples in Witchcraft

10 ways to use apples in witchcraft

To the delight of many a garden witch, peak apple season arrives!

The apple might be best described as the “red-headed mistress of literary symbolism.”  From scandalous biblical scripture to the envy-green jealousy of a fairy tale queen and her poisoned fruit, this beautiful garden gem bears quite a reputation as a mischief-maker!

For the modern witch, the apple tree calls to mind all the ethereal intrigue of daring to explore what lies beyond the ordinary five senses; the living, moving, earth-shattering energy that swirls invisibly around us.

Curiosity piqued?  Head to a pick-your-own farm and try one of these spell ideas while apple picking season lasts!

1.   Use apples in tarot spells.  Surround the Empress card from the tarot with apple slices (dried or fresh) and leave them on the altar for help with fertility.

tarot spells

2.  Pour a libation apple juice to encourage wisdom.  In Western lore, apples strongly symbolize knowledge and self-awareness.  Pour a libation of apple juice during your next ritual to ask for the gift of insight or to seek help with life decisions.

3.  Include apples in spells to avert temptation.  Apples may be used in weight loss spells or spells for seekers fighting addictive patterns.  Bury an apple with tobacco (or another symbol of vice) and light a candle every night for a full moon cycle to support earnest efforts at breaking negative habits.


4.   Toss in cauldron brews for love.    Add apples peels to a large pot or cauldron of water with cinnamon, allspice and/or ginger root to infuse your home with romance.  Great for date night!

5.  Cut an apple in half to find the pentacle.  If you cut an apple in half (the “fat way,” not the “tall way,” if that makes sense), you will find a pentacle star in the middle.  Press spell ingredients into the flesh or or use it to symbolize earth on an all-natural altar.

pentacle in apple

6.  Make a wand from the wood.  Apple branches make gorgeous wands.  Leave yours natural, or decorate it with gemstones, shells, sea glass, feathers, ect.

7.  Fill a basket of apples and put it on your Samhain or Mabon altar.   As the “veil between worlds” thins between Mabon & Samhain, our connection to our ancestors grows closer.  Apples symbolize the food of the dead, so leave them on the altar to honor your ancestors and welcome them to “feast with you” during the harvest season.

8.  Burn apple blossom incense to enhance your connection to other realms.  All parts of the apple are appropriate for inclusion in rituals for heightened awareness, but the dried blossoms make especially convenient loose incense.

9.  Include the seeds in protection spells.  The bitter seeds of an apple make excellent additions to mojo bags, spells or amulets for protection.

10.  Plant an apple tree your yard to bless your home for prosperity.  Apples symbolize abundance and growth, making them the perfect “centerpiece” tree for garden magic.  If you live in a climate where apple trees do well and you lucked into a home with land, the commitment of an apple tree to your homestead with bless you for years to come.



Strawberry Passion Spell

Right about now, the ruby-colored jewel of the spring garden emerges:  strawberries!

Yesterday, I tip-toed barefoot into the garden to find the vines heavy with gorgeous, juicy red fruit.


When I see them popping out, I automatically think, “Beltane is coming!”

I often think of Beltane as “our” Valentine’s Day, and an ideal time to cast beauty spells for attraction.

But this year, I decided to go with the closely related lust spell to enhance romantic feelings and encourage . . . recreational fun for lovers.  *wink*

If you plan on celebrating Beltane “the old-fashioned way,” why not try enhancing your passion with a little kitchen magic?

strawberry passion spell for the kitchen witch

For this spell, you will need:

*1 part cocoa powder
*1 part honey
*1 part water
*splash of vanilla extract
*pinch of cinnamon

*a small saucepan
*a whisk

In folk magic, the strawberry symbolizes passion, romance and fertility, making it the ideal ingredient for a love spell in the kitchen.

Grow your own strawberries for the best quality spell ingredient, but at least get your strawberries from a local farmer.  Or, as a last resort, find organically grown strawberries in the supermarket.

Cocoa powder finds a place in traditional medicine almost anywhere it grows.  Particularly, some indigenous healers use it as an aphrodisiac.

Its metaphysical properties share this energy.  🙂

cocao powder

Honey “sweetens” temperaments and softens hearts.


Okay!  Let’s whip up a little passion potion to pair those little beauties with.

Combine cocoa powder, water and honey in a small sauce pan over medium heat, whisking constantly for 2-3 minutes and stirring in a clockwise motion.

In kitchen magic, the spoon or whisk equates with the wand.  Take this opportunity to raise power and infuse your ingredients with the energy of your intentions.  Try a simple, cutesy chant or “draw” symbols in the chocolate with a spoon and watch them disappear.


That’s a lot of powerful love ingredients in one little potion, but let’s add a couple more.

A splash of vanilla extract adds warmth to the heart and dispels any lingering or hidden resentment.


Finally, add a dash of ground cinnamon to “heat up” passion.


Bring your chocolate and strawberries into the bedroom.  Or wherever.  (A naughty picnic somewhere secluded?  *wink, wink*)

How you eat the magic is up to you.

strawberry dipped in chocolate

mabon incense 3


10 Ways to Use Dandelions in Witchcraft

While you’re weeding your spring lawn, pull these little beauties up and throw together some magick.

10 ways to use dandelions in witchcraft

Use them in sun magick.  A bright, yellow, full-sun flower makes a cheerful addition to any solar or daylight ritual.

Include in creativity and inspiration spells.   Dandelions begin to come up just as the winter fades completely, symbolizing hope and and new beginnings.  Include dandelions in spells to jump start projects or break a creative block.  

Press them in your Book of Shadows.  Dandelions wilt quickly, but they press well!   Press between the pages of your Book of Shadows or journal to infuse it with positive solar energy.

Add them to little wildflower bouquets for woodland spirits.  Planning an outdoor ritual this spring?  Gather dandelions and other wildflowers as an offering to the woodland spirits.

wildflower bouquet

Use them in spells for bravery and courage.  The word “Dandelion” comes from the french word dent-de-lion, meaning “tooth of lion.”  Use them in mojo bags for confidence, bravery or courage.

Include in wishing spells.    In many regions of the United States, people remember as children finding dandelions after they’ve gone to seed and blowing on them whilst making a wish.  Adapt this charming tradition to a wishing spell for a nostalgic ritual.   Makes a lovely feature in children’s spells and rituals as well.

Make a divination tea.  Boil dandelion leaves and roots into tea and drink it before reading tarot or other divination practices for keen insight and clarity.

Pile them on your Beltane altar.  Dandelions brighten any springtime altar, but especially Beltane!  Put them in a vase with fresh rainwater

Drive out dark energy or spirits.  Bring bouquets of dandelion into the home to dispel dark thoughts and negative spiritual energy.

Ring spell candles with them.  Arrange dandelions around the base of an altar or spell candle to welcome happiness and playful joy into your circle.

mabon incense 3

Rose Bush Garden Spell for Love

Earlier this month, I posted about my fall gardening projects.

But I thought this one deserved it’s own post.


I’m told autumn is the ideal time to propagate roses—–which makes it a great time to sew the seeds of love for spring!

If your garden boasted a bountiful rose bush this summer and you plan to attend a spring/summer wedding next year, this spell makes a lovely gift for the new couple.

Also a nice spell to strengthen marriage or if you want to begin dating after a period of singleness.

Full disclosure:  I never propagated roses before, which makes this an experiment for me!

I wish I knew the name of the gorgeous rose bush in my yard.  Sadly, I remember not.  But it grew exponentially over the summer.  In mid-October, it still produces a few lovely blooms.


To start, find a stem with a spent flower on the end.


Cut at an angle about 6″ to 12″ down.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Slice a potato in half, and make sure to cut off the eyes.  If the spell is for a specific couple, carve their names and birth dates into one half the potato.  If it’s a general love blessing, carve love symbols into it.


Dip the end of the rose in ground cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a classic ingredient in love spells.  It also functions as a natural anti-microbial, which protects the roots from rot while they get established.

10 Uses for Cinnamon Banner

Stick the stem in the potato.


Deadhead the top, and place the potato base in a pot of dirt.

Include a piece of rose quartz.


Include a personal item in the pot from each person in the couple.  Hair or scraps of clothing are traditional, but anything biodegradable will do.  .

Or, if the spell is for general love attraction, write out the lyrics of a love poem or song on natural parchment paper and bury in with the root base.

Turn a glass jar upside down over the rose to keep it warm and moist until it roots.  I used a leftover flower vase (I never know what to do with those, but it worked perfectly for this!)


Throughout the fall and winter season, dote on your little rose.  Tuck eggshells in the soil to “fertilize” it—both the plant and the spell!

When the rose blooms in the spring, you’ll know love is on its way.  🙂

mabon incense 3

Full Moon Scavenger Hunt Spell Box

I love spell boxes.  Whether yours look artistic, expressive and beautiful or more like a 3rd grader’s craft project, spell boxes are easy to personalize for your purpose.

This full moon, start a spell box, but don’t finish it until the next full moon.

full moon box spell

Start by picking a (realistic) goal.  Something you can reasonably accomplish in one moon cycle.   Modest weight loss, new job, starting a new hobby or deepening a skill you already have.    Whatever.

Get a box.  I’m a fan of the small wooden ones available at most craft stores for about $1.   Like this one.


But you don’t even need to go that far.  A shoe box will do.

Decorate the box.  Don’t be shy, now.  Really abuse it.  Carve symbols in it.  Scar it with a wood-burning tool.  Glitter, paint, stencils, super-glued seashells.  Pick stuff suited to your endgame.  Choose appropriate color(s) and symbols.

Bless that bad boy.  Nothing fancy.  A little sprinkling of spring water and some salt will do.

Spend the next month searching.  For herbs, stones, words, and symbols to add to your box.  You can either start with a list of things to look for or simply improvise.  You’ll be amazed when an idea strikes you.  Here’s a sample list for a success spell.

*dollar bill
*mint leaves
*blank check
*high john
*10 of Pentacles tarot card
*cinnamon stick

Remember it is a work in progress.  The joy is in the journey, and all that.  Take your time.  If not this moon cycle, than the next.  Make it part of your Esbats until you get what you want.

mabon incense 3