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    Hi, I’m completely new to this and have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve seen things about different types of witches and I really want to know how to find out which one I am so I can start a routine. I really feel like I need a routine in my life as there has been a lot of negative energy going around my friendship group and it is sometimes very hard to deal with. I would also like to purchase a cheap tarot deck and set up a type of altar in a small space (as I do not have much space). A friend recommended witchcraft to me and I really liked the idea of it and I have always felt a profound connection with nature. I would love some help to get started with witchcraft and to get the negativity out of my life.
    Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to help me.


    Hi Ash…..

    I got a couple suggestions that might help you… I know they helped me.

    1 check out both Moody Moons website and the Witch of Lupine Hollows website they have awesome quizzes that can help you find out what type of witch you are.

    2. Check your local library for a book by Michelle Morgan called “Simple Wicca” … it is very good at describing moon cycles, Sabbats and Esabbats (holidays… on the wheel of the year) and other basic knowledge for beginners.

    3. Last but not least… you asked about tarot cards (aka tools for your practice) I would not recommend buying into all the expensive stuff out there … see if you can find it free (walks in nature) or cheap (thrift shops) until you know what works best for you. However, if you must buy a beginners tarot deck may I recommend the Ryder Waite…. very easy for beginners.

    Blessed Be…..

    Rosie Moon


    Rosie’s Moon, this is excellent advice!


    Thank you so much rosie moons!!

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