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    Sara McVeySara McVey

    Merry Meet all! I’m new here but very excited to have food Moody Moons site. I’m looking to help others along their journey, as well as seeking some insight on some more complex ideas in my workings. This seems the right crowd and environment to do so. So, he goes it. I’ve been doing a lot of research on incorporating bloodwork into my workings. Before anybody gets ahead of themselves, let me make very clear that in no way am I referring to santeria, voodoo, hoodoo, cursing, hexing, and so on. I’ve just always been drawn to and, for some reason, loved blood. I’m looking for any positive stories or experiences anyone may have had in dealing with blood spell work. I only wish to enhance and protect the loss of those I care about. I feel like in deliver mates this may give me the little extra boost that I need. Please, only positivism when replying. Im just another love filled, nature worshipping, simple witch. Im looking forward to conversation on this topic and more to come. Love&Light

    Sara McVeySara McVey

    I should have proofread lol, but I hope everyone gets the jest of it.

    Mel NaMel Na

    Hi Sara,

    I’ve only done bloodwork on a couple of occasions. I’m not sure if what I’ve done is thematically what you’re going for but if you find a way to use them somehow, let me know!

    I used menstrual blood diluted with water in both cases because I just can’t seem to draw blood by pricking my finger (or I’m a wimp, haha!). I feel closer to my work when I use menstrual blood anyway.

    When I was making my own personal tarot deck I dipped a finger in my diluted blood and “stamped” each card, to align more closely with them. I laminated the cards later so that they’re safe store/touch/use.

    I also water my plants with my diluted menstrual blood, an offering celebrating life of sorts. I haven’t really noticed a difference in my plants from doing this, but it’s cathartic in my opinion.

    Hope this gives you some ideas!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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