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    Steven ChangSteven Chang

    I have interviewed several people who say that there are REAL witches in Africa (especially Nigeria). Unfortunately, they are EVIL:

    CHAT TRANSCRIPT (a=interviewer, b=interviewed)

    b: Peace be unto you

    a: Hello.

    b: How are you and your family

    a: Good and you?
    Are there also bad witches in Africa?

    b: Of course
    They are many

    a: I hear they kill people…

    b: Yes but not even me

    a: Why is it not on the news?

    b: Because it’s spiritual and no one will know
    Why are you asking?

    a: Because I am very interested in this.

    b: Oh ok

    a: Soon they will probably be everywhere….
    I want to know everything about the bad witches…

    b: Bad witches are not bad if someone didn’t talk about you to them they won’t harm you or many people join them to have money

    a: Bad witches are not bad if someone didn’t talk about you to them? I don’t understand….

    b: Yes if someone report you to them they won’t forgive you they kill but if you have power you can overcome them

    a: Why would anybody report you?

    b: Not everybody report you maybe you and someone have miss understanding and you don’t know that the person is a witch that’s how they kill not that they kill physically

    b: It’s spiritually

    a: Have you seen “bad” witches around?

    b: Yes

    a: What do they do?
    Do they really kill people?

    b: If you have power like me or if you want to see them you will follow me
    Yes but they help too

    a: How do they help?
    Do they give free money?

    b: Maybe you want have money and I will take you to them or talk to them on your behalf

    a: No thanks.
    Too dangerous.

    b: But you will buy what they ask you to buy after that you won’t have any problem

    a: What do they sell?

    b: No they don’t sell anything they may ask you to bring cat
    Black cat like 7
    That’s what they will collect

    a: Oh.

    b: Yes

    a: And if you decline?

    b: They won’t like it if you decline because they don’t want people to know that if you don’t need them

    a: But what will happen if you decline?
    Do they abduct you?

    b: You won’t like yourself if you decline
    But if you do what they ask you to do they will like you
    And I have power I call them whenever I need them

    a: Oh.

    b: Yes

    a: Have you actually seen a bad witch do something bad???

    b: Yes

    a: What did they do???

    b: They kill and they run people mad

    a: run people mad?
    They kill with magic or with weapons?

    b: They kill with magic

    a: Oh fuck…
    What kind of magic? Fireball?

    b: You can’t know it

    a: What does it look like?
    How many bad witches are there?

    b: You can’t count them

    CHAT TRANSCRIPT (a=interviewer, b=interviewed)

    a: Hello, are there EVIL witches in Africa?

    b: Yeah
    And there are good witches too

    a: Tell me more please…

    b: Why you want to know about witches?

    a: What do they do, the bad witches?
    Have you seen them?

    b: Yes have see them
    They suck human blood

    a: What???

    b: And they are not forgive anyone offend them

    a: They don’t forgive anyone who offend them? What do you mean?

    b: As in anyone cross their red line

    a: What is their red line?

    b: Like everyone else
    Don’t do

    a: How do you know them? Have you heard about them?

    b: You want to see them?

    a: Ehm, isn’t that dangerous?

    b: Not really. You can come down to Africa

    a: No I don’t want to be sucked out of blood.
    Do you have an address?

    b: They cannot such your blood since you don’t offend them.
    Yes Ilu Aje in Nigeria

    a: Thanks

    b: Welcome
    But why are you asking about Bad witches?

    a: Is that in Oyo?
    I’m very interested.

    b: Yes in Oyo
    Why interested?

    a: Because I am interested in magic and occult.
    A war is coming they say between witches and human.
    I can’t find Ilu Aje. Is Ilu Aje Oyo or in Oyo?

    b: In oyo

    a: I’m looking on google maps but I can’t find Ilu Aje…

    b: But witches don’t have exact base and they can live amongst normal people.. Hardly identify

    a: Ok.
    But where is Ilu Aje?

    b: You cannot see it on Google

    a: Ok thanks.
    Do you have a main street that is in neighborhood of Ilu Aje?

    b: They are secret people hide their power. Hardly find.

    a: How do you know all this?

    b: I’m a spiritualist of course I’ll know
    It’s difficult to explain exact place to you

    a: Ok.

    b: But I can help you find them, and where you can meet them if you can cover the fares of transports because it’s difficult and where I’m is very far from there.

    a: Ok
    I don’t want to come close to them. I’m afraid.
    Would it hurt to chat with them?
    On the internet?

    b: They cannot do anything to you
    They are not educated

    a: Not educated?

    b: Yeah

    a: Why?

    b: Because woman of old age usually possess witch power
    And mostly village woman

    a: Ok thanks.

    b: Ok

    a: Can you tell me more about these “bad” witches?
    Or have you told everything?

    b: Have tell almost everything

    a: Is there anything I don’t know about them?

    b: No or else you have any to ask

    a: Do these witches use magic?

    b: There power more than magic
    They can make one a magician or even kill magician if they want to

    a: Wow.

    b: Yes sure
    Go and read about African witch
    Their is no religion that didn’t recognize and respect there power
    It’s a natural God giving power

    a: Is the population afraid of these witches?

    b: Yes. No one can dare witches

    a: Why isn’t it on the news?

    b: It’s can’t because they are rare in this recent modern time. And as I told you they are old age women and they are rare now
    And despite that, no one can dare a witches
    And this modern time, it’s abomination to express you’re a witch in public.
    So as I told you they are secretive

    a: Ok thanks.

    b: Ok


    a: Hello, are there EVIL witches in Africa?

    b: Yeah

    a: Please tell me more…

    b: i don’t know much about them…. all i know is that they’re powerful

    a: You heard about them?
    Why is it not on the news?

    b: is a local stuff you know if something is invisible how do you want to judge that case… there is a proverb in africa it goes like this “they don’t prosecute witches in court” why because it is spiritual and invisible if u want to prosecute them what will be your evidence

    a: Invisible?
    Are they really invisible or can’t the magic be proven in court?

    b: it can’t they are expert

    a: Can’t be proven in court?

    b: yeah it can’t be proven

    a: But they are not really invisible?
    Why does nobody want to talk about them?
    Everybody keeps it quiet….

    b: they are visible during broad daylight cause they are human being like us buh at middle of night they start their wicked job
    Everybody is afraid they might attack them

    a: Is there anything else I need to know about them?

    b: I don’t know you can do further research about them


    a: Hello!

    b: Hey man, I’m from South Africa,how you doing???I saw you from them spiritual groups and stuff

    a: Great and you?
    Yes, I’m looking for evil witches.

    b: I’m dope man
    Evil witches are plentiful here,the dark magic they do is crazy and completely insidious

    a: Oh, can you please tell me more?

    b: Well,my sister once went to a friend’s house a couple years back,she was offered tea and meat,but the thing is that only my sister ate the meal while the residents said they were not “hungry”,30 minutes passed and suddenly my sister started itching and shit,she went batshit insane, apparently her “friend” wanted to Kill her but my sister managed to escape,she was found on the streets all naked and even eating flowers,she was mentally lost,my mother took her to this powerful prophet who did a ritual for her,my sister afterwards puked out dead flies and worms,that tea and meat she ate and drank,was not merely tea and meat,it was those flies but they were camoflouged,my sister is lucky to be alive

    a: Wow…
    And the people responsible haven’t been caught?

    b: And also,I think there’s a bad spirit in my family’s yard or something, because Everytime it goes past 3am there’s always this banging sound that comes out of nowhere and weird growls
    No,they weren’t caught,they never went to the cops
    My family never reported it

    a: Was your sister victim of magic or bad food?

    b: Black magic,tea and meat can’t break you mentally,she fucking went insane,to the extent that she stripping all of her clothes off and even began eating flowers

    a: Oh….
    So the people there offered her free food…
    Did they offer free food for more people or just your sister?

    b: And she said that they gave her tea and meat,but she somehow puked out hundreds of dead flies and worms,the tea and meat was actually flies and worms but camoflouged by the use of illutionary magic

    a: I see…

    b: It was only my sister there,she went to her friend’s house,her friend and her family are the one who offered her the meal

    a: But why did they do it?
    It’s a friend…

    b: They wanted to kill my sister but failed,as for why, it’s because of jealousy,the human heart can be extremely sinister if it wants to, there’s a reason why they say never trust a human, behind someone’s laughs and smiles,can lye a monster who wants nothing more than to see you in complete despair

    a: You said that there were a lot of these witches… Are there a lot of victims?
    By the way, why is it not in the news?

    b: I don’t know
    It never got there and people don’t care honestly

    a: Why don’t people care?

    b: Their too busy with their life man plus the disbelief

    a: In the Netherlands this would be front page news.
    Are there alot of victims?

    b: There’s a lot of people who get Bewitched or encounter supernatural things,even I’ve seen some weird shit, it’s something you’ll eventually get used to if you live in my town

    a: I see…. Strange….
    What kind of supernatural things other than witches?

    b: The tokolishi(a gremlin),half man half goat, there’s also an evil fish woman near a certain amusement park of ours,she only attacks when provoked though, there’s lots of other things

    a: What? Evil fish woman???
    Where does it come from?
    Are these ghosts?

    b: Their not ghosts,their physical,as for where they come from,I have no idea

    a: Probably the witches made them?
    What happened to other people who got bewitched?

    b: Lol,come on bro,that’s enough questions for the night

    a: Oh I am sorry. Ok, good night.
    Thank you very much.
    For the info.

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