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    Celina ReindlCelJas

    I just joined this forum as well, though I just discovered a few days ago I accepted I wanted to follow and practice the craft.
    I am so happy you managed and healed yourself from your addiction. Be proud of yourself!
    I have a friend to talk to and they recommended a few books to read and that are not expensive.
    There’s a book series called “A Little Bit Of…” they are small books and have all sorts of topics like “A Little Bit Of Wicca”, “A Little Bit Of Crystals” etc.
    They said the books are super informative and easily portable. If you want to get into Tarot Reading they recommended “The Tarot Companion” over “A Little Bit Of Tarot”, even though it’s good as well.
    For buying new ecipment I recommend going to Second Hand Shops or Small Crystal shops. I don’t have that much equipment yet either but taking baby steps!
    I hope that at least helped a little and sorry for spelling errors, I’m from Germany X3
    I wish you luck on your new journey and hope you will find your path again! 🙂

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