Beltane Glamour Spell for Beauty

It’s that time of year again!

Every spring, I post new beauty rituals for Beltane, a sabbat traditionally associated with feminine beauty, enchantment and romantic attraction.

may day beauty spell

For this one, you will need:

*pastel colored piece of ribbon
*a white pillar candle
*a handful of dried lavender
*some rose oil
*A carving knife
*lighter or matches
*Vase full of spring flowers (ideally, some that you have picked yourself)
*a flattering photo of yourself

1.  On the day of Beltane, choose a sunny spot to work in.  Mark the circle with your fresh spring flowers walking in a clockwise fashion.

2.  Sit comfortably in the center of your circle, placing the pillar candle directly in the center.

3.  With your carving knife, etch a symbol of beauty in the base.  The image of a swan if you are artsy and good with carving, or simply the word “beauty” both work fine.

4.  Anoint the candle with rose oil.  Rose oil has ancient associations with feminine beauty and enchantment.

5.  Wind the ribbon around the pillar candle as you would a May Pole.

Beltane Beauty Candle

6.  Charge the candle any way you like.  You might chant something clever or simply imagine the divine light of Aphrodite glowing from within the candle.

7.  Close the circle by gathering the wild flowers in a counterclockwise manner.

8.  Place the candle on top of your photo on your altar or someplace near where you get ready in the morning, like the bathroom vanity or a dressing table.

9.  Surround the base of the candle with dried lavender.  I used some dried lavender stems from last year’s garden, but you can use the loose variety you’d find in any herb shop.

dried lavender bundle

10.  Light the candle every morning, say a small affirmation and let it burn while you go about your morning dressing routine.

11.  Don’t forget to extinguish the candle!!!  Never leave it burning unattended, and watch for flaring.

Check out last year’s Goddess Bath Ritual and this Summer Beauty Spell for other beauty spell ideas.

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Chang’e: Chinese Goddess of the Moon

Being the last full moon of the harvest season, I thought this would be a great time to talk about Chang’e, an important Chinese moon goddess.  Chang’e is the focus of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon festival, which just passed in late September.  Participating in the festival is fun alternative to a typical Sabbat celebration, but just learning about different moon goddesses from around the world can be a nice way to enrich your own practice.

The Legend of Chang’e

There are many versions of the following folktale.  Below is my retelling of the most common translation, but if you know another version, by all means, share it!

Long before the oldest memory of the oldest man on earth, ten suns burned in the sky.  But the light of heaven was too powerful for life on earth, causing the plants and people to whither and die.

A masterful archer named Hou Yi was sent down to save humanity.  He heroically shot down nine of the suns, leaving one to light the world and bring the heat of life.

In reward for his courageous deed, Jade the Emperor, ruler of the sky, bestowed upon the hero an elixir of everlasting immortality.  But the archer Hou Yi loved his beautiful wife, Chang’e, too deeply to bear eternity without her.

As Yi’s fame grew like the only remaining sun that shined down, he was sought as a teacher for his wisdom and skill.

Little did he suspect that one of his students, Fengmeng, concealed a cold jealously  in his heart for Yi.

One day, Yi left his wife, Chang’e, at home while he went hunting.

His treacherous and poisoned drove Fengmeng into a rage.  He stormed into the house of Yi and demanded that his wife give up the elixir.  But in her loyalty, she refused.  Knowing she could never overpower Fengmeng, who was of strong mind and body, she knew realized that drinking the precious potion herself was the only way not to relinquish it to her kind husband’s enemy.

Rising up, up, up into the eternal sky, she finally settled on the moon, where she still looks over the Earth.

In his devastated grief at the loss of his beloved wife, Yi spent his life honoring her altar with flowers and cake.

the moon3

Moon Magic

I love the beautiful world of Chinese pagan folklore, and I am especially fond of the legend of Chang’e, who holds a special place in my heart as a moon goddess.

Chang’e is said to bestow her worshipers with charm and beauty.

Since this is “her” time of year, I thought I’d share with you an adapted beauty spell that honors this goddess.

You will need:
*1 white candle
*small bundle of flowers (any will do)
*carving knife
*lighter or matches
*a bottle of perfume (something with floral or oriental overtones is especially nice)
*print out of the traditional Chinese symbol of Chang’e, the moon or beauty (see Google Translate)
*a small cupcake (or if you really want to go all out, make a traditional moon cake)
*a lantern or tea candles for light.

1.  On the night of the full moon, go outside in the fresh air.

2.  Carve the Chinese character of your choice into the candle.  Use a lantern for practical light if you need it.

3.  Place the candle on the altar (or rock, or tree stump, or whatever).

4.  Surround the candle with the flowers and light it.

5.  Place the bottle of perfume in front of the altar.

6.  Raise power any way you feel like it, but focus on the energy of feminine beauty descending from the moon and into your bottle of perfume.

7.  Extinguish the candles and leave the cake as an offering to Chang’e.

8.  Whenever you want to enhance your feminine allure, spritz yourself with the charged perfume.  If you feel it needs a boost, light the candle and place the perfume in front for a little while.

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Celebrate Beltane: Goddess Bath Ritual

Famous for its associations with love, attraction, and the alluring power of feminine charm, Beltane is the perfect time for beauty and glamor spells.  (To see last year’s, click here.)

Ritual baths are a powerful way to cleanse the spirit and draw out inner beauty.  The following simple ritual bath is a lovely way to celebrate Beltane and draw out your inner beauty.

I started by creating a bath altar.  This awesome little bath tray was very useful, and I liked being able to actually have it directly over the water, but feel free to use the counter or other flat surface.

A bouquet of fresh flowers and candles is quite symbolic of the holiday, and of feminine grace.

Bath Altar

I like to think of a ritual bath as a giant cauldron, and I blend my “brew” accordingly.  First, I always start by adding a generous handful of sea salt for cleansing.

Sea Salt for Cleansing the Soul

I know some people just love to put herbs directly in the bathtub, and if that’s you, go for it!  Personally, I don’t like having the mess to clean up afterwards, so I use this tiny tea filter.

Beauty Spell for Beltane

In this case, I used dried rosemary from the garden.

Using a Tea Strainer for Herbal Bath

I also included some Spring/Summer Festival oil, available here for drawing out “allure,” or what some people call je ne sais quoi.

Ritual Bath Oil

I’d like to expound on this point a little and mention that I think this is what glamor spells are really good for.  Much like other forms of magic, the results are rarely literal in the way you see on television or movies.  Often, we find that spell craft effects our lives in subtle ways we have trouble articulating.

Everyone  has known a woman who, though she is perhaps conventionally an unremarkable beauty in the physical sense, seems to have this captivating magnetism, a mysterious attractiveness that makes her seemingly irresistible.

That’s what you’re going for here.

Finally, feel free to say an incantation or other blessing over the water.

Relax and enjoy!

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Summer Beauty Spell

Summer Beauty Spell

You will need:

*1 glass jar
*1 avocado
*handful dried lavender
*1 pastel purple candle
*piece of paper or parchment
*access to a living rose bush

Timing: Full Moon, or Summer Solstice

1. Gather your spell ingredients, and find a quiet place outside under the full moon.

2. On the piece of paper, write out the qualities of your inner beauty. Patience, compassion, kindness, or seeing the best in others are all good choices.

3. Place the paper, avocado, and dried lavender in the glass jar.

4. Light the candle.

5. Chant:
“Where all the rivers of my soul converge
“Under the full moon may they emerge”
Don’t stop until you feel slightly light-headed.

6. Bury the jar near the roots of a rose bush.

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