Faerie Cakes with Candied Violets

Spending Beltane in the kitchen this year?  Make it magical with these charming little faerie cakes.

beltane candied violet faerie cakes

Whimsical yet elegant, candied violets make a striking addition to love spells, wishing magic and faerie rituals.

Use candied violets in faerie cakes for a spring ritual, a “dressed up” cakes and ale or to serve at any spring gathering — especially Beltane!

beltane faerie cake

The best part is, they’re practically free!  If you’re in the Eastern US and you haven’t put down pesticide this year on your lawn, there’s a good chance your yard or a nearby one has wild violets in abundance.


Go spend some time outdoors, bring a basket and gather those little beauties up for a Beltane with a splash of purple.

wild violet

Gather a clean, washed, dry paintbrush with a fine tip, an egg white, and some sugar.

eggs, paintbrush, sugar

Start by gently washing the violet blooms.  A spray bottle and a strainer work well for this, but be careful!  Even for flowers, wild violets are delicate!

washing violets

Allow them to dry on a paper towel.

wild violets

Dip the paintbrush in egg whites, and paint each blossom.

candied violets

Then sprinkle sugar on the violets.  Most recipes call for powdered sugar, but I use granulated because it reminds me of late frost.

sugar on violets

Finally, bake some cupcakes!

Any vanilla cupcake recipe will do, but make it from scratch.  The more you put into your ritual food, the more “fragrant” the magic of it.  Be connected to the process.

Bonus points for making the vanilla extract yourself.  Vanilla inspires passion in kitchen spells.   Here, we use it to wink and nod at Beltane’s celebration of “spring romance.”

Pipe on some cream cheese frosting and arrange violets in tiny “bouquets.”

beltane faerie cakes

beltane faerie cake

Serve and enjoy!

beltane cupcakes

mabon incense 3







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Get ready for Beltane!

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Fresh from the workshop!  Goddess candles.

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Summer Solstice Incense



Beltane Glamour Spell for Beauty

It’s that time of year again!

Every spring, I post new beauty rituals for Beltane, a sabbat traditionally associated with feminine beauty, enchantment and romantic attraction.

may day beauty spell

For this one, you will need:

*pastel colored piece of ribbon
*a white pillar candle
*a handful of dried lavender
*some rose oil
*A carving knife
*lighter or matches
*Vase full of spring flowers (ideally, some that you have picked yourself)
*a flattering photo of yourself

1.  On the day of Beltane, choose a sunny spot to work in.  Mark the circle with your fresh spring flowers walking in a clockwise fashion.

2.  Sit comfortably in the center of your circle, placing the pillar candle directly in the center.

3.  With your carving knife, etch a symbol of beauty in the base.  The image of a swan if you are artsy and good with carving, or simply the word “beauty” both work fine.

4.  Anoint the candle with rose oil.  Rose oil has ancient associations with feminine beauty and enchantment.

5.  Wind the ribbon around the pillar candle as you would a May Pole.

Beltane Beauty Candle

6.  Charge the candle any way you like.  You might chant something clever or simply imagine the divine light of Aphrodite glowing from within the candle.

7.  Close the circle by gathering the wild flowers in a counterclockwise manner.

8.  Place the candle on top of your photo on your altar or someplace near where you get ready in the morning, like the bathroom vanity or a dressing table.

9.  Surround the base of the candle with dried lavender.  I used some dried lavender stems from last year’s garden, but you can use the loose variety you’d find in any herb shop.

dried lavender bundle

10.  Light the candle every morning, say a small affirmation and let it burn while you go about your morning dressing routine.

11.  Don’t forget to extinguish the candle!!!  Never leave it burning unattended, and watch for flaring.

Check out last year’s Goddess Bath Ritual and this Summer Beauty Spell for other beauty spell ideas.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

10 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

Still looking for ways to celebrate Beltane?  Here’s some ideas to help you design the perfect day.

1.  Get busy.  Let’s just get it out of the way.  We all know what this holiday is really about.  We may as well just call it Pagan Boink Fest 2016.  Be creative and adventurous.  A lot of people enjoy the outdoor setting.  I recommend a secluded area.  There’s no need to get arrested.  But you wouldn’t be the first couple, so whatever moves your groove.

2.  Get stupid drunk on a spring wine of your choice.  Rieslings, dandelion wines and floral blends are all popular choices.  Go ahead.  Kill the bottle.  Kill two.  I think we’ve establishing this is a day of indulgence.

3.  Create an epic May Pole.  If you’re the artist in your coven, use your gifts to make a gorgeous May Pole.  It’s the ultimate holiday gift.  I’ve seen some really beautiful ones.  Make it amazing and it will be the center focal point of the party.

4.  Build an enormous fire.  Whether or not you actually jump over it ought to depend on how much dandelion wine you’ve had.  The wrong ratios here can go very wrong.

5.  Cast a love spell.  There is no better time of year for pushing your romantic situation in a better direction.

6.  Decorate your altar in honor of a love goddess.  Aphrodite is my go-to choice, but there are lots of them.  Here’s an example love and passion altar to get you inspired.

7.  Cast a fertility spell.   Both Ostara and Beltane are nice timing for fertility rites if you’re planning on conceiving soon.

8.  Have a red and white themed potluck.  The colors red and white have strong association with Beltane.  Why not throw a pot luck where all the guests bring something edible that is either red or white?  Let everyone get creative to come up with different ideas.

9.  Make flower crowns.  This is fun for a coven or if you have little girls in the family.  Everyone can pick their own wildflowers or perhaps you can make a trip to your local flower farm.

10.  Have a ritual bath.  If you’re a solitary, a ritual bath nice way to celebrate Beltane in a private way.  Fill the tub with flowers, herbs and skin-nourishing oils.

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Celebrate Beltane: A weekend of rejuvenation for the mind and body.

Still looking for a way to celebrate Beltane?  How about a little getaway?

Last weekend, we made our annual spring trip to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Famous for its hot springs, which have long been believed to have healing powers and health benefits, it’s the perfect place to seek spiritual retreat.


But before we basked in the wonders of pure mountain water, we hit the local metaphysical store, Portals.  I always like to check out any local herbalism shops, occult shops or pagan/Wiccan stores when I’m traveling.


There are actually three shops in this space.  I love that the owners have cooperated to create such a wonderful, convenient experience for the spiritually-minded seeker.

If you’ve never played with one of these, next time you’re in a metaphysical shop, try it!  It’s called a singing bowl.  If you take the striker and slide it at a steady pace along the edge, it makes this beautiful, otherworldly sound that’s awesome for meditating.


Sage Moon. is a great little herb shop tucked in the back of Portals.  This one often stocks harder to find herbs like mugwort, dragon’s blood and high john.


I always pick up a bottle of something unique for cakes and ale from Wilkes Street Wine Shop.  My absolute favorite a sparkling grapefruit wine called Avive, which I’ve yet to find anywhere else.  It’s super refreshing, especially for summer rituals.


Speaking of wine, although we’ve probably been to Berkeley Springs five or six times in the last two years, we’d never made the 20 mile drive to Knob Hall Winery, so I was super excited to go tasting there this time.  For thousands of years, the healing properties of moderate wine consumption have been recognized.  Also . . . wine.


Our pourer was super nice, and I walked away with an excellent bottle of red.


I have no idea what’s up with the suit of armour, but it looked cool up close.

Just so you guys know, I have no affiliation with any of the above businesses, I’m just sharing with you because I love them and hope to inspire you to create your own spiritual getaway soon!

Celebrate Beltane: Goddess Bath Ritual

Famous for its associations with love, attraction, and the alluring power of feminine charm, Beltane is the perfect time for beauty and glamor spells.  (To see last year’s, click here.)

Ritual baths are a powerful way to cleanse the spirit and draw out inner beauty.  The following simple ritual bath is a lovely way to celebrate Beltane and draw out your inner beauty.

I started by creating a bath altar.  This awesome little bath tray was very useful, and I liked being able to actually have it directly over the water, but feel free to use the counter or other flat surface.

A bouquet of fresh flowers and candles is quite symbolic of the holiday, and of feminine grace.

Bath Altar

I like to think of a ritual bath as a giant cauldron, and I blend my “brew” accordingly.  First, I always start by adding a generous handful of sea salt for cleansing.

Sea Salt for Cleansing the Soul

I know some people just love to put herbs directly in the bathtub, and if that’s you, go for it!  Personally, I don’t like having the mess to clean up afterwards, so I use this tiny tea filter.

Beauty Spell for Beltane

In this case, I used dried rosemary from the garden.

Using a Tea Strainer for Herbal Bath

I also included some Spring/Summer Festival oil, available here for drawing out “allure,” or what some people call je ne sais quoi.

Ritual Bath Oil

I’d like to expound on this point a little and mention that I think this is what glamor spells are really good for.  Much like other forms of magic, the results are rarely literal in the way you see on television or movies.  Often, we find that spell craft effects our lives in subtle ways we have trouble articulating.

Everyone  has known a woman who, though she is perhaps conventionally an unremarkable beauty in the physical sense, seems to have this captivating magnetism, a mysterious attractiveness that makes her seemingly irresistible.

That’s what you’re going for here.

Finally, feel free to say an incantation or other blessing over the water.

Relax and enjoy!

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Beltane Cakes and Ale

Beltane Cakes and Ale

My favorite thing to contribute to group rituals is Cakes and Ale because there are so many creative ways to do this.

I made these little pies for our Beltane ritual tomorrow. Beltane is associated with the colors red and white, so I thought this would be a nice way to bring that symbolism to the altar.  These are from scratch because most pre-made pie crusts have trans fat in them and it’s not that hard to make yourself.

Crust (adjust proportions to your liking):

-2 cups flour (I used unbleached)
-1 cup butter
-2 tablespoons sugar
-pinch of salt
-7 tablespoons water

-vanilla extract
-splash lemon juice

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine dough ingredients and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Shape into pie crusts in a cupcake tin.

Combine filling ingredients and cook on low heat on stove for a few minutes.

Fill pies.

Bake 25-30 minutes.


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