Strawberry Passion Spell

Right about now, the ruby-colored jewel of the spring garden emerges:  strawberries!

Yesterday, I tip-toed barefoot into the garden to find the vines heavy with gorgeous, juicy red fruit.


When I see them popping out, I automatically think, “Beltane is coming!”

I often think of Beltane as “our” Valentine’s Day, and an ideal time to cast beauty spells for attraction.

But this year, I decided to go with the closely related lust spell to enhance romantic feelings and encourage . . . recreational fun for lovers.  *wink*

If you plan on celebrating Beltane “the old-fashioned way,” why not try enhancing your passion with a little kitchen magic?

strawberry passion spell for the kitchen witch

For this spell, you will need:

*1 part cocoa powder
*1 part honey
*1 part water
*splash of vanilla extract
*pinch of cinnamon

*a small saucepan
*a whisk

In folk magic, the strawberry symbolizes passion, romance and fertility, making it the ideal ingredient for a love spell in the kitchen.

Grow your own strawberries for the best quality spell ingredient, but at least get your strawberries from a local farmer.  Or, as a last resort, find organically grown strawberries in the supermarket.

Cocoa powder finds a place in traditional medicine almost anywhere it grows.  Particularly, some indigenous healers use it as an aphrodisiac.

Its metaphysical properties share this energy.  🙂

cocao powder

Honey “sweetens” temperaments and softens hearts.


Okay!  Let’s whip up a little passion potion to pair those little beauties with.

Combine cocoa powder, water and honey in a small sauce pan over medium heat, whisking constantly for 2-3 minutes and stirring in a clockwise motion.

In kitchen magic, the spoon or whisk equates with the wand.  Take this opportunity to raise power and infuse your ingredients with the energy of your intentions.  Try a simple, cutesy chant or “draw” symbols in the chocolate with a spoon and watch them disappear.


That’s a lot of powerful love ingredients in one little potion, but let’s add a couple more.

A splash of vanilla extract adds warmth to the heart and dispels any lingering or hidden resentment.


Finally, add a dash of ground cinnamon to “heat up” passion.


Bring your chocolate and strawberries into the bedroom.  Or wherever.  (A naughty picnic somewhere secluded?  *wink, wink*)

How you eat the magic is up to you.

strawberry dipped in chocolate

mabon incense 3



Rose Bush Garden Spell for Love

Earlier this month, I posted about my fall gardening projects.

But I thought this one deserved it’s own post.


I’m told autumn is the ideal time to propagate roses—–which makes it a great time to sew the seeds of love for spring!

If your garden boasted a bountiful rose bush this summer and you plan to attend a spring/summer wedding next year, this spell makes a lovely gift for the new couple.

Also a nice spell to strengthen marriage or if you want to begin dating after a period of singleness.

Full disclosure:  I never propagated roses before, which makes this an experiment for me!

I wish I knew the name of the gorgeous rose bush in my yard.  Sadly, I remember not.  But it grew exponentially over the summer.  In mid-October, it still produces a few lovely blooms.


To start, find a stem with a spent flower on the end.


Cut at an angle about 6″ to 12″ down.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Slice a potato in half, and make sure to cut off the eyes.  If the spell is for a specific couple, carve their names and birth dates into one half the potato.  If it’s a general love blessing, carve love symbols into it.


Dip the end of the rose in ground cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a classic ingredient in love spells.  It also functions as a natural anti-microbial, which protects the roots from rot while they get established.

10 Uses for Cinnamon Banner

Stick the stem in the potato.


Deadhead the top, and place the potato base in a pot of dirt.

Include a piece of rose quartz.


Include a personal item in the pot from each person in the couple.  Hair or scraps of clothing are traditional, but anything biodegradable will do.  .

Or, if the spell is for general love attraction, write out the lyrics of a love poem or song on natural parchment paper and bury in with the root base.

Turn a glass jar upside down over the rose to keep it warm and moist until it roots.  I used a leftover flower vase (I never know what to do with those, but it worked perfectly for this!)


Throughout the fall and winter season, dote on your little rose.  Tuck eggshells in the soil to “fertilize” it—both the plant and the spell!

When the rose blooms in the spring, you’ll know love is on its way.  🙂

mabon incense 3

Queen of Hearts: A Love Spell

It’s Valentine’s Day, but it is also the middle of the pagan festival Lupercalia, which is associated with ancient fertility rites.

Whichever one you happen to be celebrating, it’s the perfect time for love spells!

Today, I am going to show you a simple love spell using a plain old deck of cards.

Did you know that ordinary playing cards are actually based on the Tarot?  All of the cards in a playing deck have corresponding cards in the Tarot (although not all Tarot cards are represented in a playing deck, but that’s a whole other thing.)

Today, we will be working with the Queen of Hearts.


In the Tarot deck, the Queen of Hearts is represented by the Queen of Cups, who is associated with love, infatuation and emotional intuition.  We won’t be setting it on fire or anything, so feel free to use any deck, it won’t be ruined.

In addition to this card, you will need:

*A photo of yourself or a lock of hair
*A handful of dried or fresh roses
*Two pink candles
*A piece of rose quartz
*rose oil

1.  Place Your photo underneath the Queen of Cups on the altar.

2.  Carve your name and birth date on one candle, and a question mark on the other (or, if you are in a relationship already, carve the name of your significant other to bless the relationship for a deeper bond).  Go to town.  Really mark it up deep.

3.  Anoint the candles with rose oil.

4.  Surround the Queen of Cups with the dried or fresh roses as an offering.


5.  Place a piece of rose quartz on top of the area where the Queen’s heart would be.

easy love spell

7.  Place the pink candles on either side of the card.  For the next seven nights, light the candles for a few minutes and focus on embodying the Queen of Hearts.

Queen of Hearts
From my Alice in Wonderland series: The Queen of Hearts

Get Your Romance On

Moody Moons offers a variety of love spell, romance and attraction items.

Click on the photos for direct links to the product pages.

Check out the Aphrodite Bath Spell!!  Divine . . .

Aphrodite Love Spell


Speaking of Aphrodite, this lovely little mini altar to the Greek Goddess of Love is a gorgeous addition to any sacred space, especially during the season of romance.



Looking to spice up the bedroom experience?  How about a little love oil?

Aphrodite Love Oil
Aphrodite Love Oil

Mojo Bags for Lovers . . .

Attraction Mojo Bag
Attraction Mojo Bag

Thanks for looking!

*Blows Kisses*

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Mojo Monday: Love and Attraction

Another Monday, another Mojo bag!  If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a mojo bag, check out last Monday’s introduction.

This week, at popular request, we are creating love and attraction mojo bag.


Like the Inner Peace bag, I started by finding a fabric I thought was appropriate.  I chose this pretty rose-print because roses have special symbolism for love and romance.

IMG_8572 IMG_8576

Speaking of roses, I included this hand-dried rose from my early garden harvest a few weeks ago.  If you want a super traditional attraction spell, use a rose given to you by someone on Valentine’s day.

The red rose’s significance as a romance flower dates all the back to classical period of ancient Greece.  The ancient Greeks associated the red rose with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and later, the Romans tied the rose to her counterpart, Venus.


A tiny piece of rose quartz is a perfect addition to a love spell mojo bag.  Rose quartz is known for its warm, loving vibration and its tendency to draw others to us.

In a traditional mojo bag, the bag is like a living thing, it needs to be “fed.”  This can be anything from changing the herbs to sprinkling it with water.

If you’re from a Wiccan tradition, instead of these methods, you might cleanse and charge your stone by leaving it out in the sunlight or the full moonlight for a day/night to “freshen” the energy.

Alternatively, you might periodically add an appropriate love oil, like rose or vanilla.


Finally, mojo bags often include a personal item from the user.  Some root workers spit in the bag.  All respect due to the hoodoo tradition, I’m not big on spit, and anyways, we’re already coloring outside the lines here as far a traditional hoodoo goes.  This is more of “fusion” mojo bag.  So I went with a lock of hair.  Locks of hair have a long tradition in love magic, and can be used in a variety of ways.  This is one of them.

lock of hair

I tied it off with a heart charm, which, of course, symbolizes romantic love and affection.

Did you know this symbol dates back to the 15th century?  This symbol has a long history with Western tradition.  Because spell craft is so linked to symbolism, I always encourage you to study symbols and their root meanings.  It adds depth to your practice.

rose mojo heart charm

I think it came out quite charming.

You see what I did there?  🙂


Next Monday:  Money Mojo

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Love and Passion Altar

If you’ve been a good little garden witch, you’re probably overflowing with herbs by now.  When all your meals are starting to taste like the same herbs, and you’ve given away all you can, there’s still plenty more to do with them besides drying them for the fall and winter.  I’ll be sharing a couple of ideas with you this week that I’m doing this year.

The first is a love and passion altar for the bedroom.  These temporary altars can be very simple and still be lovely.  The summer roses were dried from the garden as was the lavender and rosemary (all symbols of love and passion).

I also laid out strawberries from the farmer’s market as an offering to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite Love Altar

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Coconut Love Spell

Coconut Love Spell

For those of you headed to the beach this summer, here is a my own variation on a traditional love spell by request

You will need:

*1 whole coconut
*1 piece of pink or red ribbon
*1 stick of cinnamon incense
*handful of dried rose petals
*a few drops of jasmine oil
*piece of ginger root
* lock of your own hair
*1 piece of biodegradable paper (parchment is nice)

1. On the night of the full moon, light the incense and while it is burning, write the qualities you’d like to have in a new lover.
2. Crack open the coconut.
3. Fill it with rose petals, your hair, the parchment, the ginger root and the oil.
4. Tie the halves back together with the ribbon.
5. Take your coconut to the beach. If you can safely wade into the water a little, do it, otherwise, simple chant the following verse and toss it into the water with your whole heart:
“Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Sea
“Take this offering
“And in return
“Bring my lover to me”

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