Quiz: What Kind of Witch Are You?

This quiz takes a unique approach to helping you find your particular path in the Craft.

No one fits perfectly into any one of the following profiles, and this list of profiles is not meant to be exhaustive. 

You may find you fall into more than one category—or even see parts of yourself in all of them.  Rather than trying to pigeonhole yourself into any one specific category, think of this quiz as a general guide to help you figure out which aspects of the Craft resonate with you the most.  At the end, I listed some suggestions for further exploration depending on your answers.

quiz what kind of witch are you

There’s no need to click on your answers.  Simply read through the questions and get a gist for the number you get most often (mostly 1s, mostly 2s, ect).  Then scroll to the bottom to view your results.

The goal is not to typecast yourself, but to draw out and explore different aspects of the Craft in you.

(All the images in this post are my work. If you are interested in learning more about my photography, please checkout my photography website.  Also, be sure to check out my handmade witchcraft items.)

Okay, here we go!

Question 1:  Which collection of images most appeals to you?

1.  are you a sea witch crop

2.  are you a green witch crop

3.  are you a mind body witch crop

4.  are you an urban witch crop

5.  are you a shadow witch crop

6.are you a solar powered witch cropped

Question 2:  My favorite part of ritual is:

1.  Generating energy during the power raising.  Building powerful emotion is intensely spiritual for me.
2.  Burning the incense or ritual herbs.  I always blend my own!
3.  Grounding & centering.  I find it easy to move from one frame of mind to another smoothly.
4.  Spending time alone.  Sometimes, I feel overstimulated by my rushed life.
5.  Working outdoors at night or with the lights out.  There’s a sacred quiet in darkness for me.
6.  Lighting the candles.  I find natural light soothing and meditative.

Question 3:  My ideal vacation involves:

1.  A beach.
2.  Camping equipment.
3.  Finding a yoga class close to my hotel.
4.  Looking up the local occult shops before I go.
5.  A ghost tour.
6.  The desert.

Question 4:  As far as the kitchen goes

1.  I love making seafood or sushi.
2.  I especially like cooking things I grew myself.
3.  I enjoy kneading bread.
4.  I haven’t turned the oven on since I moved into this apartment.  I’m not even 100% sure it works—and I don’t care.
5.  I enjoy making rich desserts that some people call “sinful.”  Wink.
6.  I love to barbecue outside.

Question 5:  On my altar, you are most likely to find:

1.  A jar of ocean water.
2.  Seasonal herbs from my garden.
3.  Meditation balls.
4.  A very few select items.  I have a small space, so my altar is tiny, but meaningful.
5. An offering to Hekate.
6.  Fresh cut flowers.

Question 6:  Of the following Sabbats, the best one for me is

1.  Mabon.  The summer crowds are gone, but the beach is still warm!
2.  Ostara.  The anticipation of gardening season jolts me out of my winter blues.
3.  Imbolc.  The candles burning everywhere make me feel serene and peaceful.
4.  Yule.  All the lights and parties lift my spirit.
5.  Samhain.  If you knew me, this would be obvious.
8.  Litha.  The sun in its full glory revitalizes me.

Question 7:  My clothing style is best described as

1.  Light I like easy, flowing clothing that’s both pretty and comfortable.
2.  Natural.  I favor wholesome clothes like hemp & 100% cotton.
3.  Stretchy.  I have, like, ten pairs of yoga pants.
4.  Edgy.  I don’t mind pushing the boundaries with clothes that make a statement.
5.  Dark.  If I’m looking for a specific shirt, I can never find it because almost everything is black.
6.  Bright.  I like reflective accessories and shimmering fabrics.

Question 8:  My favorite moon phase is:

1.  Full Moon.  I love the effect it has on the tides.
2.  New Moon.  I like to nurture things from the beginning.
3.  First Quarter/Last Quarter.  I like the balance & symmetry of equal halves of dark and light.
4.  Full Moon.  The full moon infuses the nightlife with so much energy!
5.  Dark Moon.  I enjoy the deeper night sky.
6.  Actually, I usually do my ritual during the day and use the sun’s energy as my guide.

Question 9:  If I had to pick a divination system to try, it would definitely be:

1.  Cloud scrying.  I have difficultly enjoying rainy days, and this is a nice way to spend them.
2.  Reading tea leaves.  I feel a deep connection to herbs and the messages they contain.
3.  The I Ching.  I appreciate the orderly nature of numbers in fortune telling.
4.  Scying mirrors.  I love the peering into “the abyss” to see what secrets and mysteries there are waiting to be discovered.
5.  Bone Reading.  I see intrinsic beauty in studying natural artifacts with a past.
8.  Runes.  I love the historical ties of this system to ancient sun worship.

Question 10:  My friendships are:

1.  Intensely emotional, but sometimes unstable.
Grounded and down-to-earth, but sometimes boring.
3.  Intelligent, but sometimes cold.
4.  Exciting, but sometimes lack depth.
5.  Private, but sometimes lonely.
6.  Open and honest, but sometimes leave me feeling exposed.

The Sea Witch (Mostly 1’s)

are you a sea witch

You feel a magnetic pull to the ocean and the Element of Water.

Though staying afloat in the rough waters of your life sometimes means riding strong currents, your spiritual world brims with intense, profoundly insightful revelations that you often keep to yourself.

Try keeping a paper Book of Shadows to record the “changing tides” of your inner world.

Consider visiting the ocean during the off season for a more private beach experience and better opportunity to conduct rituals away from prying eyes.

Maintain a sea witch altar to harness the power of the ocean and bring it indoors.

Play sounds of the ocean during your meditations or rituals to get your “beach fix,” especially if you live far away from the nearest shore.

For ideas and visual inspiration, check out this Pinterest board curated especially for the sea witch.

Hedge Witches make lovely companions for the Sea Witch as they tend to usher in a sense of grounded-ness and stability.

Hedge Witch/Green Witch (Mostly 2’s)

are you a green witch

Everyone knows you were born with a “green thumb.”  You feel a special connection to the Element of Earth and take particular satisfaction in making things grow—-in the garden, and in life.

You feel silly admitting it, but your efforts in the garden are so heartfelt, you sometimes experience a twinging sense of loss if a treasured  plant doesn’t make it through the growing seasons.  You may even design an elaborate garden blessing ritual to welcome good vibes into your planting beds.

Your realistic approach to magick makes you solidly grounded in reality, and your like-minded friends respect you for it.

The winter months are the hardest for you, especially if the weather forces you to skip your otherwise regular nature walks.

To nourish your earthy vibes during the colder months, try working with your stock of dried herbs to make herbal cold remedies or combine your knowledge of witchcraft with your knowledge of plants to create magically-infused homemade bath and body products.

If travel interests you, and you’re looking for a destination, check out The Green Witch’s Guide to Costa Rica.

Also, this Pinterest board was curated especially with you in mind.

The Solar Powered Witch makes a great match for you in friendship.

The Mind/Body Witch (Mostly 3s)

are you a mind body witch

With a well-worn yoga mat and a bookshelf groaning under the weight your vast personal library, you intuitively sense the inseparable link of mind and body.

Your friends describe you as a “thinker,” and you often engage them in thoughtful conversations about spirituality.  You have a special ability to debate ideas without offending or alienating people who disagree with you.

Whether perfecting your downward dog or learning strong breath control, mastering the physical plane as it relates to realm of the mind makes up a big part of your journey.

You may have tried fasting for spiritual reasons or made natural childbirth a goal during pregnancy.

Expand on your special gift for uniting (or, more accurately reuniting) the mind, body & soul.  Try a dance form that encourages spiritual expression (see Belly Dance for Pagans) or join a meditation group and use your strong cerebral awareness to connect with others.

Consider using your special gift to align body and mind by getting licensed as a midwife or try exploring hypnotherapy.

For other ideas and visual inspiration, check out this Pinterest board.

The Urban Witch (Mostly 4s)

are you an urban witch2

Whether or not you call a major metropolitan home, bustling cities get your blood pumping—which, for you, works its own kind of magick.

In your coven or community, you are the most likely to have stepped “out of the broom closet” to publicly acknowledge you practice the metaphysical arts.

And why not?  After all, you tend to surround yourself with people who are quirky and open-minded.  Your own esoteric interests sometimes even seem vanilla by comparison.

The challenges of practicing a nature-centered religion in a major city sometimes frustrate you, but you work around them with simple adaptations, like creating a window garden to cultivate herbs or taking advantage of the abundant temples and diversity around you.

For inspiration on apartment-dwelling witchery, check out this Pinterest board.

The Shadow Witch (Mostly 5’s)

are you a shadow witch

While others misinterpret your tendency to retreat to the shadows in contemplation as moody, those who know you best appreciate your intrinsic sense of mystery.

You understand that darkness has a place in spiritual life.  Rather than fearing it, you embrace it and recognize that without it, light has no contrast.

Your natural curiosity and fearlessness draw you to exploring spiritual matters that other, less bold witches shy away from.  While you respect the risks of experimentation, ghost hunting, the Ouiji board and other related subjects appeal to your adventurous tendencies.

Consider exploring spiritualism to nurture your curiosity about the afterlife with people who understand this instinct.

Like to travel?  Check out The Modern Witch’s Guide to the Magic of New Orleans.  At once edgy and traditional, this alluring  mystique of this enchanted city will appeal to your daring nature.

For visual inspiration, take a peek at this Pinterest board for witches with a dark side.

With their accepting nature and extreme open-mindedness, the Urban Witch makes an excellent match in friendship for the Shadow Witch.

are you a solar powered witch.jpg

Your luminous optimism brightens any room you walk into.  The  light that shines out of you draws others in and encourages them to gather around you like a bonfire.

You often find yourself in leadership roles because you appear transparent to those around you and that inspires trust.   Your gift for bringing people together is best used to organize them for a good cause.

This powerful combination of ambition and the ability meet the minds of even deeply divided people uniquely qualifies you for public service in your spiritual community—–but only if you can stay humble and keep your ego in check.

Magickally, you’ve never quite been satisfied with the heavy emphasis of modern witchcraft, the moon and the seemingly lopsided role of solar energy in ritual.  Try exploring sun magick.  You may find it more satisfying.

Particularly, your “sunny” optimism makes you well-suited to the art of joy spells and spells to banish depression.

For ritual ideas and visual inspiration, check out this Pinterest board.

You often feel tempted to rely only on your own judgement, but your powers are fullest when you keep the wise counsel of others.  The Mind/Body Witch makes a wonderful companion for you in business and charity work.




Sea Witch: Harnessing The Power of the Ocean

I love the Atlantic coast during the swing season.

The crowds dispersed weeks ago, the water vibrates with warmth from the Gulf Stream, and on the southern beaches, summer weather prevails even in October (provided there isn’t a Category 5 hurricane on the way . . . oops).

For the sea witch, the off seasons make for a lovely, low key time to go work the water.

If you live year-round near an ocean, or you want to make an early off-season trip, here’s some inspiration to make it memorable.


Cleanse.   Make your swim mindful.  Think of it as a rebirth.  At any point in our lives, we may allow ourselves to be reborn, and made into something new.  Now is not the time to go dipping your toes.  Fully immerse yourself.  I like this idea especially in cooler (but not freezing!) weather.  The shock of willing yourself into colder water has a powerful effect.  Expect to emerge with a renewed sense of energy and faith in your strength.

Make a mini altar or mandala.  Go for a walk on the beach and collect natural items.  Bits of driftwood, sea shells, gull feathers.  Add hurricane candles and take a moment to reflect.


Banish.  Write something on the inside of a sea shell that you want out of your life.  It can be a person, a habit or a physical thing.   Feel the weight of the shell.  Allow all the negative effects of this person, habit or thing wash over you.  Recognize the impact on your life.  Honor your strength to commit to the expulsion.  Then, when you are ready, throw the shell in the ocean as hard as you can.  Even if it doesn’t go further than the surf, congratulate yourself for taking the first step.  Walk away, and don’t look back.

A nurse practitioner once told me, “The ocean heals everything.”  It’s true.  Let salt water wash over your wounds—and not just the physical ones.  If you bear a recent emotional trauma, carry the weight of it into the water.  Feel the power and the majesty of the currents as they unleash your inner strength.


Meditate.  Maybe you long ago loaded your MP3 player full of “sounds of the ocean.”  Now you find yourself sitting in front of the real deal.  Use it!  Nothing takes you away like the deep, rhythmic white noise of the ocean.  Close your eyes and just . . . listen.  Try synchronizing your breath to the waves.

Bless a talisman.  Particularly if you have one that represents the ocean—a bracelet of shells, a necklace with a mermaid pendant, or even just a “watery” stone.  Either wearing, or with a tight grip on it, plunge into the wild water, say a blessing, and carry the power of the ocean with you when you leave.

mabon incense 3

The Elemental Magic of Water


Last week, I enjoyed the simple pleasure of gathering my own drinking water from a famous spring in West Virginia.

Turning the spout until it sprayed lush, cool spring water into my glass jugs reminded me very much of the ritual spigots by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where I stood just a few years ago.

It got me thinking about water and its role in spiritual life.

From the immersion rituals of Hindu deities to the baptismal rites of early Christians, every major religion in the world uses water as a holy symbol of purification.  Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Shintoism, Taoism and Buddhism all use water as a key feature in their cleansing rites.

And so do you.


Whether you dipped your toes in a cool brook, rode the waves past the breakers on a crystalline coastal shore or floated lazily on an inflatable pool chair with a refreshing cocktail, you probably enjoyed water’s gentler side at least once this summer.

Perhaps you’ve even, at some point in your life, endured water’s less compassionate side.  Both life-giving and life-taking, water also carries the power to destroy.  Floods, tidal waves and water-borne illness erase whole civilizations thoughtlessly.  This duality of creation and destruction, life and death, beauty and ugliness, is a common theme in all the elements.  Earth, fire and wind all have the same power in different forms.

But unlike the other elements, water bears the power to transmit energy.  The lifeguards at the beach don’t rush everyone out of the ocean at the first sign of lightening for nothing.  Electric currents shoot through water at the literal speed of light.

So let’s talk a little about how to use water in our rituals.  Most of us incorporate water into our cleansing, purification and moon rituals.

But few us of think about where it comes from, and how to work with it according to its source.

Spring water:  Best for new beginnings, inspiration and creativity spells.

Rain Water:  Best for house cleansing, moon rituals and garden blessings.

Ocean Water:  Best for power rituals, love spells, sea magic and to honor sea deities.


River Water:  Best for banishing (sending things “down the river”)


Well Water:  Best for rituals involving the mysteries, “earthy” matters and finding lost objects.

Waterfall Water:  Best for “leaps of faith”

Blessed be!

mabon incense 3

Ode to the Sea Witch

Every trip to the ocean, a new revelation unfolds.

My love for the power and majesty of this watery wilderness swells annually.

sea witch inspiration

The seagull as a totem animal represents someone with an innate ability to work social circumstances to her advantages.  If you have a “squawky” singing voice, enjoy a crowded home life and are an excellent communicator, the seagull may have some lessons for you.

a seagull

Whatever coasts I find myself standing on, in whatever part of the world, I always bring a piece of the ocean home with me . . .

starfish and driftwood

sea shells and candles

Incense in a glass bottle with sand.

incense in bottle of sand 2

An altar to the sea is a beautiful way to honor the time between Litha and Lammas, when the power and beauty of water dominate.

sea witch


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Sea Witch Altar

We kicked off the summer with an inspiring trip to my favorite East Coast beach.

Sea Witch

I decided to bring the spirit of the ocean back home with us by creating a ocean altar.  I am a water sign, so I took this an an opportunity to work with my element.  We’re in between Sabbats right now and it’s prime beach season, so it’s a nice time to work with the spirit of water.

Water Magick

I find sea altars very soothing.  They make a nice bedroom or bathroom altar all year round, but I assembled mine on my seasonal altar.

Sea Witch Altar

One of the easiest and most common ways to bring the spirit of the ocean into your sacred space is with a seashell collection.  I’ve been collecting sea shells from all over the world for years.  The pointy one here is from a beach in Costa Rica.  The locals called them “unicorn shells” because they look like the horn on a unicorn.  I thought that was really charming.

Element of Water Altar

Pearls also have rich symbolism in coastal cultures around the world.  They represent fertility, wisdom and femininity.

Elemental Altar for Water

You many remember my post earlier this year on witchballs.  I started collecting these during the Yule season, and have found them to be infinitely useful for projects later in the year.  This is a great way to preserve treasures collected on the beach.  In this one, I have sand, a tiny piece of driftwood, some dry seaweed (I think?) and shells.  I adorned it with a blue ribbon, which is the color of the element of water, and mermaid charm, which is, of course, a mythical creature of the ocean.  I hung this one over the guest bedroom earlier this year, and when we were forced to sleep there due to some remodeling, I swear I had the most beautiful dreams of the ocean.  I woke up to find myself staring up at it, and I quickly realized why!

Witch Ball for Element of Water

Another way to preserve your beach gems is in an altar box.  We’re going to talk more about making altar boxes in an upcoming post, but here’s a sneak peak.  This is  really neat idea, I just love how these came out.  You just fill the box with sand, shells, ect, and then cover it with an Apoxy resin, which dries and gives the appearance of water.  I like to leave some parts peaking over the “waterline” because I think it enhances the effect.

Element of Water in a Box

For more on sea witchery, check out this link.


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Sea Witch & Water Magick

This past weekend, we were off to Chincoteague, my favorite beach in the North East.  It’s quiet, peaceful, unspoiled, and best of all, a colony of beautiful wild horses roam the island freely.

I decided to take the opportunity to work with the Element of Water.   If you’re planning a beach vacation this coming Labor Day weekend, it’s a great chance to try your hand at sea magick.


One easy spell method for beach casting is to simply write your wish in the sand, and let the waves carry it off into the sea.


Alternatively, can write an incantation on the inside of a seashell and cast it off into the ocean.

While you’re at it, take some time to connect to the animals and wildlife.  I found this tiny little crab on a night walk with my husband.  I call him Herb.   😉

When you have a close encounter with a wild creature, it’s a nice time to work with their associations.  The crab is associated with self-protection, abundance, emotional sensitivity and “side-stepping” obstacles.  Say a simple blessing or make a wish suited to his charms and send him on his way.


Here’s a lovely shot of a seagull hovering over this little boy.  She probably just wants whatever bait is on the end of his line, but when I saw this image, it made me think of his spirit guide or totem animal watching over him.


You may remember this bottle from a money spell I posted a few weeks ago.  I decided to use it to collect ocean water.  I like charging ocean water with colorful bottles for later use at home.  I chose green in this case instead of blue because it more closely mimics the color of the Atlantic Ocean water it contains.  The mermaid charm symbolizes the mystical power of wild water.  This will be great for goddess magick later in the year, and anything related to the element of water, including love spells, emotional healing, purification and elemental rituals.



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Coconut Love Spell

Coconut Love Spell

For those of you headed to the beach this summer, here is a my own variation on a traditional love spell by request

You will need:

*1 whole coconut
*1 piece of pink or red ribbon
*1 stick of cinnamon incense
*handful of dried rose petals
*a few drops of jasmine oil
*piece of ginger root
* lock of your own hair
*1 piece of biodegradable paper (parchment is nice)

1. On the night of the full moon, light the incense and while it is burning, write the qualities you’d like to have in a new lover.
2. Crack open the coconut.
3. Fill it with rose petals, your hair, the parchment, the ginger root and the oil.
4. Tie the halves back together with the ribbon.
5. Take your coconut to the beach. If you can safely wade into the water a little, do it, otherwise, simple chant the following verse and toss it into the water with your whole heart:
“Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Sea
“Take this offering
“And in return
“Bring my lover to me”

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