10 Ways to Use Dandelions in Witchcraft

While you’re weeding your spring lawn, pull these little beauties up and throw together some magick.

10 ways to use dandelions in witchcraft

Use them in sun magick.  A bright, yellow, full-sun flower makes a cheerful addition to any solar or daylight ritual.

Include in creativity and inspiration spells.   Dandelions begin to come up just as the winter fades completely, symbolizing hope and and new beginnings.  Include dandelions in spells to jump start projects or break a creative block.  

Press them in your Book of Shadows.  Dandelions wilt quickly, but they press well!   Press between the pages of your Book of Shadows or journal to infuse it with positive solar energy.

Add them to little wildflower bouquets for woodland spirits.  Planning an outdoor ritual this spring?  Gather dandelions and other wildflowers as an offering to the woodland spirits.

wildflower bouquet

Use them in spells for bravery and courage.  The word “Dandelion” comes from the french word dent-de-lion, meaning “tooth of lion.”  Use them in mojo bags for confidence, bravery or courage.

Include in wishing spells.    In many regions of the United States, people remember as children finding dandelions after they’ve gone to seed and blowing on them whilst making a wish.  Adapt this charming tradition to a wishing spell for a nostalgic ritual.   Makes a lovely feature in children’s spells and rituals as well.

Make a divination tea.  Boil dandelion leaves and roots into tea and drink it before reading tarot or other divination practices for keen insight and clarity.

Pile them on your Beltane altar.  Dandelions brighten any springtime altar, but especially Beltane!  Put them in a vase with fresh rainwater

Drive out dark energy or spirits.  Bring bouquets of dandelion into the home to dispel dark thoughts and negative spiritual energy.

Ring spell candles with them.  Arrange dandelions around the base of an altar or spell candle to welcome happiness and playful joy into your circle.

mabon incense 3


12 Magical Ways to Use Garlic


Use as an offering for Hectate.  Sacred to the ancient Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic, garlic makes a perfect offering.  Leave a clove at the crossroads or grow some by your front door to honor her.

Include it kitchen magick for passion.  A tomato sauce with basil and garlic makes for a classic love potion.  Add candles and enchant an evening guest.

Ward off sociopaths.  Got a narcissistic coworker?  A frenemy who serves up bitterness with a smile?  Garlic is famous for repelling evil.

Leave a clove with your divination tools.  Prevent negative energies from coming through the “gateway” of tarot cards, runes or ouiju boards.

Break a spell.   Did your best intentions go awry?  Reverse your ritual and bury any remaining spell ingredients in a deep hole with a clove of garlic.

Use to purify a haunted house.   Garlic near the entrances prevents dark energies from re-entering the home after exorcism.

Hang braided garlic over the sick bed.  Hang garlic over a sick person’s bed to stop fever dreams and drive away dark thinking.

Stop gossip.  Stuff a poppet through the mouth with garlic and then sew the mouth shut.

Carry with you during water voyages.  Planning a trip by boat?  Carry a garlic clove for safe passage.

Comfort children at night.  Hang garlic by the window or over the bed to prevent nightmares.

mabon incense 3



Full Moon Scavenger Hunt Spell Box

I love spell boxes.  Whether yours look artistic, expressive and beautiful or more like a 3rd grader’s craft project, spell boxes are easy to personalize for your purpose.

This full moon, start a spell box, but don’t finish it until the next full moon.

full moon box spell

Start by picking a (realistic) goal.  Something you can reasonably accomplish in one moon cycle.   Modest weight loss, new job, starting a new hobby or deepening a skill you already have.    Whatever.

Get a box.  I’m a fan of the small wooden ones available at most craft stores for about $1.   Like this one.


But you don’t even need to go that far.  A shoe box will do.

Decorate the box.  Don’t be shy, now.  Really abuse it.  Carve symbols in it.  Scar it with a wood-burning tool.  Glitter, paint, stencils, super-glued seashells.  Pick stuff suited to your endgame.  Choose appropriate color(s) and symbols.

Bless that bad boy.  Nothing fancy.  A little sprinkling of spring water and some salt will do.

Spend the next month searching.  For herbs, stones, words, and symbols to add to your box.  You can either start with a list of things to look for or simply improvise.  You’ll be amazed when an idea strikes you.  Here’s a sample list for a success spell.

*dollar bill
*mint leaves
*blank check
*high john
*10 of Pentacles tarot card
*cinnamon stick

Remember it is a work in progress.  The joy is in the journey, and all that.  Take your time.  If not this moon cycle, than the next.  Make it part of your Esbats until you get what you want.

mabon incense 3

Queen of Hearts: A Love Spell

It’s Valentine’s Day, but it is also the middle of the pagan festival Lupercalia, which is associated with ancient fertility rites.

Whichever one you happen to be celebrating, it’s the perfect time for love spells!

Today, I am going to show you a simple love spell using a plain old deck of cards.

Did you know that ordinary playing cards are actually based on the Tarot?  All of the cards in a playing deck have corresponding cards in the Tarot (although not all Tarot cards are represented in a playing deck, but that’s a whole other thing.)

Today, we will be working with the Queen of Hearts.


In the Tarot deck, the Queen of Hearts is represented by the Queen of Cups, who is associated with love, infatuation and emotional intuition.  We won’t be setting it on fire or anything, so feel free to use any deck, it won’t be ruined.

In addition to this card, you will need:

*A photo of yourself or a lock of hair
*A handful of dried or fresh roses
*Two pink candles
*A piece of rose quartz
*rose oil

1.  Place Your photo underneath the Queen of Cups on the altar.

2.  Carve your name and birth date on one candle, and a question mark on the other (or, if you are in a relationship already, carve the name of your significant other to bless the relationship for a deeper bond).  Go to town.  Really mark it up deep.

3.  Anoint the candles with rose oil.

4.  Surround the Queen of Cups with the dried or fresh roses as an offering.


5.  Place a piece of rose quartz on top of the area where the Queen’s heart would be.

easy love spell

7.  Place the pink candles on either side of the card.  For the next seven nights, light the candles for a few minutes and focus on embodying the Queen of Hearts.

Queen of Hearts
From my Alice in Wonderland series: The Queen of Hearts

Mojo Monday: Financial Success

If you’ve been following my Mojo Monday series, we’ve been discussing practical ways to use mojo bags.

This week, we’re going to create a money mojo bag, which has been traditionally used to encourage financial success.

mojo bag for financial success

But first, a few words on money spells and ethics..

A lot of people get interested in witchcraft because they want instant rewards without the work.

Of course, any experienced practitioner will tell you that there’s no such thing—-and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fraud who probably intends to prey on your very human desire for this kind of gratification.

Money spells are meant to encourage opportunity to succeed.  This means if you get offered over time or a new job, you’ve been offered a chance to increase your financial success.  If you don’t take it, that’s on you.

The same goes for love spells, divination and any other form of “magic.”  So.  With that said.

Like the other mojo bags in this series, I gave special thought to the fabric.


Of course, the color of this fabric is associated with money, particularly in the US.  But also, the foliage is a metaphor for financial “fertility.”  I’ve seen mojo bags with dollar bill logos printed on them, copper or gold metallic fabrics or simple, solid bright green.

When choosing what to include in your money mojo bag, consider classic money spices like cinnamon and allspice.  Not only do they have strong ties to financial well-being, they also smell amazing!



I added a few pennies.  This is a traditional hoodoo inclusion in money bags.


If you’re looking for a stone, jade is a terrific, inexpensive one to use any type of financial spell.  I picked this one up during my travels through China.  I like it because it’s in the shape of an elephant, my favorite animal, which is associated with intelligence and wisdom.  Don’t know if you’ve heard, but smart is the new rich.  🙂


Finally, I’ve been using these charms to tie my bags off.  You can use a necklace pendant or whatever you want.  This one seemed especially appropriate for our purposes today.

mojo money sign

And that’s it!  This concludes my miniseries on mojo bags.  Hope you learned something useful!

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Mojo Monday: Love and Attraction

Another Monday, another Mojo bag!  If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a mojo bag, check out last Monday’s introduction.

This week, at popular request, we are creating love and attraction mojo bag.


Like the Inner Peace bag, I started by finding a fabric I thought was appropriate.  I chose this pretty rose-print because roses have special symbolism for love and romance.

IMG_8572 IMG_8576

Speaking of roses, I included this hand-dried rose from my early garden harvest a few weeks ago.  If you want a super traditional attraction spell, use a rose given to you by someone on Valentine’s day.

The red rose’s significance as a romance flower dates all the back to classical period of ancient Greece.  The ancient Greeks associated the red rose with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and later, the Romans tied the rose to her counterpart, Venus.


A tiny piece of rose quartz is a perfect addition to a love spell mojo bag.  Rose quartz is known for its warm, loving vibration and its tendency to draw others to us.

In a traditional mojo bag, the bag is like a living thing, it needs to be “fed.”  This can be anything from changing the herbs to sprinkling it with water.

If you’re from a Wiccan tradition, instead of these methods, you might cleanse and charge your stone by leaving it out in the sunlight or the full moonlight for a day/night to “freshen” the energy.

Alternatively, you might periodically add an appropriate love oil, like rose or vanilla.


Finally, mojo bags often include a personal item from the user.  Some root workers spit in the bag.  All respect due to the hoodoo tradition, I’m not big on spit, and anyways, we’re already coloring outside the lines here as far a traditional hoodoo goes.  This is more of “fusion” mojo bag.  So I went with a lock of hair.  Locks of hair have a long tradition in love magic, and can be used in a variety of ways.  This is one of them.

lock of hair

I tied it off with a heart charm, which, of course, symbolizes romantic love and affection.

Did you know this symbol dates back to the 15th century?  This symbol has a long history with Western tradition.  Because spell craft is so linked to symbolism, I always encourage you to study symbols and their root meanings.  It adds depth to your practice.

rose mojo heart charm

I think it came out quite charming.

You see what I did there?  🙂


Next Monday:  Money Mojo

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Mojo Monday: Inner Peace

This is the first of a 3-part series about mojo bags, their uses and what to put in them.

Mojo bags are “spells in a bag” or (if you prefer) “prayers in a bag.”  The contents are meant to focus on a specific wish or intent, like inviting love into your life or encouraging financial success.

Mojo bags have a deep history in African American culture in the south, particularly with respect to the practice of hoodoo and voodoo.

But the use of mojo bags have been adopted and adapted by many different spiritual traditions in the US.  We will talk about a variety of mojo bags, including both traditional bags and modern or eclectic spiritual bags.

Today, let’s focus on a bag with blended symbolism.


The focus of this bag is relaxation and peace.

I designed it to aid a friend with her meditation practice.  But you could use something like this for all kinds of purposes.  Carry it with you to a potentially stressful meeting or to the dentist or when you have to make a speech you’re nervous about, or anywhere where you need to calm your nerves.

Let’s look at what’s in this bag, and what each component means.

The first thing I did was choose a fabric.  I picked this one because of the graceful lines, which I found soothing, and the beautiful indigo color, which is the color of calm and peace.


I included a piece of lapis lazuli.  This is one of my favorite gem stones ever!  It’s unmistakably tranquil and harmonious.


I also threw in some chamomile, which, as any tea drinker knows, has a deeply calming scent.


I also included a sea shell.  The element of water is know for its tendency to “smooth over” rough emotional turmoil.


Once you have your ingredients assembled, simply gather them in the cloth and tie it off.  No sew!


I tied it off with this Om charm, which is an Eastern symbol of inner harmony.

inner peace mojo bags

And that’s it!  Just a few simple ingredients, but chosen with intent and meaning.  Even as I hold this bag in my hand now, I can feel myself relax.
If you’d like to try it, spend some time this week thinking about something you need help with in your daily life (confidence?  deeper sleep?) and about what symbols might be appropriate.

And I’ll see you next Monday for another Mojo Monday post!

Next Monday:  Romance and Attraction Mojo

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