10 Ways to Use the Waning Moon in Witchcraft

As the receding light of the waning moon retreats into oblivion like a great ocean tide, we turn out energy inward to eliminate or re-work repetitive patterns that no longer serve us.  Harness the cleansing power of this lunar phase to clear obstacles and release negative influences.

10 ways to use the waning moon

Try a weight loss spell.  If you’re trying to get in the right frame of mind for weight loss or fasting, ride the “drawing away” or receding energy of waning moon to gain some momentum.

Let go of a toxic friendship.   Use the waning moon to finally release that cyclic, dead-end relationship.   You know the one.   Take any items that remind you of the person and get rid of them.  Write down any residual feelings, then burn the paper in a cauldron with some dried rosemary.  Be free.

Reduce debt.  Instead of using your spell work to increase wealth under the waxing moon, think of reducing debt under the waning moon.  It’s a totally different mindset that moves you towards less consumption, more mindful spending and greater personal freedom.

Make an offering or donation.  I think of the waning moon as a retreating tide coming to collect on the gifts brought to shore by the last wave.  Send blessings out to sea so that the next full moon tide brings them back to you.  Say “yes” when the cashier asks you if you’d like to donate a dollar to a children’s charity, drop a few quarters in the “Give a Penny, Take a Penny” or drop off a load at the Salvation Army.

Using a healing spell to ease grief.  Whether you recently lost a loved one, or you still grieve for one who passed long ago, if you feel ready to begin the healing process, try a spell to let go of a deceased loved one.

Leave your job to start something new.  If you’ve been thinking of transitioning to another position and you have some control over the timing, consider scheduling your last day during the waning moon.  The retreating energy of the waning moon aids in letting go of the past to ready for the future.

Exorcise your home.  If you feel your house bogged down with negative energy (frequent family fighting, excessive clutter or unmanageable chaos), clean your house top to bottom.  Then bring a pot of water to boil on the stove with rosemary, cinnamon sticks and lavender petals to dispel darkness and restore harmony.

Take a waning moon bath.  Fill a muslin bag or tea strainer with star anise, orange peel and bay leaf.   Let it steep in your bathwater and relax in candle light.  Meditate, focusing on any unwanted or residual energy from the previous moon cycle.  Imagine it seeping into the water.  Then, pull the bath stopper and watch your discomfort drain away.

Get a massage.  Nothing beats negative stress stored in the body like a massage.  Most massage therapists are quite happy to let you bring your own oil.  Blend a (skin safe!) mixture of oils for releasing negativity, bring it to your massage therapist and imagine she is massaging away your stored anxieties, fears and tensions.

Reverse a spell gone awry.  Last month’s spell not serving you so well?  You’ll likely need to ride it out.  But reversing the spell by doing it backwards during the waning moon speeds karma along.


Cauldron Banishing Ritual

Now that Samhain has passed, and the moon is waning, it’s a nice time to clear out unwanted people or energies from your life.  This simple all-purpose banishing ritual is quick and easy.

You will need:

*cauldron or fire safe dish
*matches or lighter
*dried rosemary
*piece of paper (parchment is nice)
*bottle of spring water

samhain cauldron smaller

Because this will produce a lot of smoke, I definitely recommend going outside.

Gather your ingredients in a basket or bag and head out to find a nice, quiet spot under the waning moon.

1.  In this season, dead, dried leaves aren’t hard to come by.  Gather some of them, along with some twigs or other items to create a small cauldron fire.  Using the warmth of a cauldron fire in this season of cooler weather brings a nice touch to any ritual.

2.  Write down a symbol that represents what you want to banish, or simply write the word.  If this is a person, a photograph makes a nice substitute, but their name/birthdate/zodiac sign also works.  If it is a thing, you might also use something non-toxic to burn.  Trying to banish unhealthy eating habits?  A paper wrapper from your favorite candy might be just the thing.  Trying to kick smoking?  Burn your last pack of cigarettes to start yourself on the (long, but worthwhile) road of quitting.

3.  Think carefully about why you want this person or thing out of your life and write this down too, either in word or symbol form.  Personally, I prefer symbols.  Be creative!  Is your relationship toxic?  The poison control symbol might adequately represent this.

4.  Start a small cauldron fire with the leaves and sticks you gathered.  Take care to note anything flammable that could catch before you do!  Hanging branches are particularly hazardous.

5.  Once it gets going, light the paper and throw it in.

6.  Sprinkle the dried rosemary on top.

7.  Allow your hands to pass through the smoke.  Imagine it purifying you as it rises into sky, carrying away the negative energy from your life.

8.  Bury the ashes somewhere where you aren’t likely to return any time soon.

9.  Bless yourself with the spring water.  Sprinkle it lightly and imagine yourself cleansed of this influence in your life.

10.  Walk away and don’t look back.  Literally, do not turn around, but keep moving forward on to wherever you’re going.

11.  Follow through!  Take steps in your life to make certain you keep your distance from this negative influence.

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