Welcome to Moody Moon’s blog!

I post tips, recipes, ritual ideas, pagan crafts and more ideas to live naturally, stay in touch with the Wheel of the Year, indulge your inner goddess and connect with your sacred self.

I am an interfaith witch.  I’ve had the good fortune to be exposed to a wide range of traditions, and I draw from all of them, stitching a colorful, “patchwork quilt” style of spirituality.

You will find celebration ideas here from all over the world.

For me, it is a constantly evolving experience.

All the photos in this blog are my work unless otherwise noted.  That means 99% of them at least—I think I may have used a stock image once for a book review somewhere in the last 200 posts or so, I don’t remember.

All posts are supported by my handmade shop for pagan goods:


I’ve expanded into an Etsy Shop.  Moody Moons is a handmade shop for quality metaphysical, wiccan, new age and witchcraft supplies. Carefully crafted essential oil blends, candles, spell kits, potions, altar tools, and handmade decorations are all uniquely created to make your sacred space a work of art. Moody Moon’s seeks to provide ritual supplies across a wide variety of traditions, including Celtic, Egyptian, Voodoo.

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  1. Amazing website,you have a great and new information for me that I admire.Thank you very much for sharing it.

  2. Is there anyway we can be notified about updates on your website? I stumbled across it on Pinterest and I loooove it!

    1. This is a really good question. Up until now, I avoided an email opt in because I didn’t want it to be off-putting or pushy, but your comment makes me wonder if there is a way to make this an option for those that want it. I will look into this and reply on this comment thread. Thanks for your input.

  3. Thank you so much for being so kind and inviting me into your community. I feel so at home and renewed🤗❤️

      1. If you click on the link under the heading “Things You Will Need” that says “moon soap mold,” it takes you directly to the listing for the moon mold.

        Hope that helps.

  4. I am so happy to have found your blog on Pinterest. I’m a solitary-witch-in-training and am thrilled that you address so many subjects in a concise, succinct style and tackle subjects I don’t see addressed elsewhere (for example, Road Trip). I think this is the start of a beautiful “romance”.

  5. Don’t know why it took until now to stumble upon your really nice website, but now that I have I am going to link you and get others coming here.

  6. I’m just learning how To use this iPad and the internet (better late than never) I want to read your blogs if I can get them

  7. the Kitchen Witch sooooooooo ROCKS

    do you have any recipes for fighting cancer an strengthen yourself inside an outside
    to keep strong too

  8. All my life I’ve been drawn the Pagan life or Witches life. I’ve always felt a little different from other people (especially family members, except 2 cousins who I believe to be Pagans). Magic and Pagans beliefs fascinate me and always have. I’ve been a caregiver and healer as far back as I can remember. I want to draw on that more. I’ve never had any religious belief until I was in my 30’s and was baptized through an Evangelical Faith Church. But I still didn’t have a strong belief in “God”. In 2011 my only child, my son, died from complications from Type I Diabetes. He was only 21. After that, what ever belief I may have had for “God” went out the window. I’ve always turned to nature and the world when I needed to work something out or needed guidance. So I’ve decided to follow my heart and soul and learn more about it. I want to become a Witch. Your website was the first one that caught my interest. After reading briefly the 30 Day beginners course, I knew I’d found the right place to start. Thank you for your wisdom, honesty and spirit. I look forward to learning, reading and experiencing more through your blogs and newsletters.

    1. Cherie,

      I am so sorry for your loss.

      Thank you for sharing these heartfelt and deeply touching insights.

      May your path be blessed.

  9. Hello,
    I have always had an interest in this, and I never knew how or who or even the way to start. How do I or should I say, how does one become part of this wonderful, interesting and exciting family.
    Thank you so very much!
    Have a blessed day!

  10. Ponder this for a moment

    We are reaching the point where it will be impossible to differentiate true spiritual experience from that which is generated by artificial intelligence.

    At one time, if you had a thought about taking a trip to England and the next day you got a travel folder in the mail about a tour of England you might think it an example of synchronicity or even a divine calling you to visit Stonehenge for a spiritual quest.

    But, today if you email a friend about our thought about going to England or post it on your Facebook page and suddenly you are bombarded with spam from travel agencies. A.I. has mined your thoughts and passed them out for dissemination and you are psychologically being manipulated to manifest that idea into an action, not for you own spiritual calling, but for the profit of those mining your data.

    Therefore, the concept of synchronicity and true spiritual experience becomes totally indiscernible from artificially generated reality.

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