Welcome to Moody Moon’s blog!

I post tips, recipes, ritual ideas, pagan crafts and more ideas to live naturally, stay in touch with the Wheel of the Year, indulge your inner goddess and connect with your sacred self.

I am an interfaith witch.  I’ve had the good fortune to be exposed to a wide range of traditions, and I’m about as eclectic a little witch as they come.

You will find celebration ideas here from all over the world.

For me, spirituality is a constantly evolving experience.  I’ve never encountered a religion or philosophy that didn’t have something to offer me.

When I’m not kitchen witchin’ or digging around in the garden, I enjoy yoga, belly dance, photography, wine tasting and traveling around the world with my husband.

I have the sweetest little dachshund who ever walked the earth, a quiet home in the suburbs and an eclectic group of friends that keep me busy doing everything I love.

All posts are supported by my handmade shop for pagan goods:


I’ve expanded into an Etsy Shop.  Moody Moons is a handmade shop for quality metaphysical, wiccan, new age and witchcraft supplies. Carefully crafted essential oil blends, candles, spell kits, potions, altar tools, and handmade decorations are all uniquely created to make your sacred space a work of art. Moody Moon’s seeks to provide ritual supplies across a wide variety of traditions, including Celtic, Egyptian, Voodoo.

Etsy Shop

And be sure to follow me on Pinterest for TONS of free sabbat celebration ideas, witchy home decor, spells, inspiring images and dozens of boards to inspire a more natural, magical life:

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  1. Amazing website,you have a great and new information for me that I admire.Thank you very much for sharing it.


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